Focus On The Family’s Head Counselor Knows Gay Parents Raise Kids For Selfish Reasons

When a Focus On The Family video kicks off with a gross misrepresentation of history, you know we’re heading into a rocky horror picture show. But that’s what you get when the organization’s “head counselor” Dr. Bill Maier insists “marriage has always meant the bringing together of men and women to commit themselves to each other and to commit to bringing up the next generation in a cooperative way.” Which is a lie.

You’re going to get angry, or roll your eyes, listening to Maier rant on with his misinformation campaign (he says gay marriage “completely destroys” the family unit). Maier is here to explain “how the Church should respond to attempts by gay activists to redefine marriage and criminalize biblical teaching on the issue of homosexuality.” Like pointing to the Netherlands, where gays can get married, but continue to suffer all these psychological problems. “God’s design is being distorted … twisted, and manipulated.”

Meanwhile, I’m not sure when this was recorded, but at the very least Maier could pick up a copy of Us Weekly: he still claims Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter are together. LIAR!! But don’t let that get in the way of listening to Maier explain how Rosie is doing her kids a disservice by being the type of mommy who wants another mommy.

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  • fradiavolo

    “Head” counselor?

  • tony x

    Anyone who says their religious beliefs are the final and correct version answer is simple insane.

    Sadly most humans are insane.

  • r83jnhs032

    “Anyone who says their religious beliefs are the final and correct version answer is simple insane.”

    Of course, the above is a religious belief – a belief about religion. So the conclusion in it applies to the author, and atheists, as well.

    Making it worthless hate speech.

  • adman

    @r83jnhs032: Nonsense, which is to be expected from an apologist…What is the answer for living, oh anointed one? We need people to start with dubious answers, fall in love with their own certainty, all the while demanding everybody else to start with questions. It’s the empire of stupid tax. You’re not entirely stupid now, but you will always end up in a stupid position. Help us! How can we live with you dragging your shadow around, playing the martyr? LMAO at the Cassandra mask of the day. Please start a self important rant against me, I haven’t had an exchange with a hopelessly self-righteous crank yet today.

  • Soupy

    It’s very hard to make the argument that atheists are less sane than believers.

  • Adam

    Moving conversation away from this atheism/religion trifle…

    I find it amusing that he brings up the concept of brain scans, saying that men and women are fundamentally different in their brain structure, but fails to have seen the studies that show how gay men and women have brains that are structured differently than their straight counterparts.

  • John

    When Maier can show me where the Catholic Church is being persecuted for not marrying folks who are divorced, something anathema to their religious beliefs, than perhaps I’ll start considering his rants as something perhaps more than just the usual lying BS from his crowd.

  • Zzee

    Wait, what the hell is that flaming “Pure Passion” logo? How is that not a symbol for a porn site?

  • kayla

    Sound and fury, signifying nothing…They can’t take these arguments into court…They’re just spitting into the wind…And I’m a practicing Christian!

  • Harbo

    Just more empty rhetoric. We’ve heard it all before. Nothing new or substantial, nothing you can actually prove. Just the same old pissing into the wind. Looks like Focus on the Family could at least be creative, but they keep on trotting out the same old crapola.

  • lemon-lime

    As a Christian, watching this made me sad.

  • Jeffree

    It’s always shocking to hear that someone who loves Jesus so much is so filled with hatred toward the gays but remains almost silent on divorce, domestic violence and adultery.

    In the good ole days, Cassandra would have adroitly pointed out every flaw in this guy ‘s theology, but now she’s turned her powers of rhetoric on to anyone who doesn’t share her faith. I miss the old Cassandra.

  • greenmanTN

    Ya know, I’m an atheist but I’m not really hostile toward believers. I think the whole idea is sort of silly, but hey, it’s a tough, frustrating world so whatever works for you… And faith CAN be a positive force in people’s lives, despite a lot of evidence to the contrary.

    But people like this guy and in fact the entire fundamentalist Christian Right make that a very very hard attitude to maintain. Isn’t it odd that the “born again” are always the people you’re sorry were born the first time?

    I was raised in a church and these jerks are even offensive from THAT standpoint! I mean really, who the fuck do you think you are that you know the mind and intent of the Supreme Being you believe bibbety-bobbety-booed all of creation into being? How fucking arrogant can you be? And let’s say there IS a Creator, who’s to say that The Bible (or any other “holy” book) really says a damn thing about that being? It doesn’t start with “Dear Diary,” so at BEST you’re getting it second hand. It was, after all, written by desert nomads who hadn’t figured out that getting their drinking water from the same place they took a dump wasn’t an altogether good idea, so let’s not give them too much credit for having THE answer to everything, mmkay? And yeah, there’s that whole Leviticus business about gays but then you don’t have look very hard to find all sorts of bullshit like stoning people, having slaves, and not eating shellfish or mixing fabrics there too so let’s not go overboard with basing science textbooks or civil law on it, how about? And let’s not forget about David and Jonathon or Ruth and Naomi who, no matter what torturous logic you apply, still sound pretty damn gay to me and they are clearly among The Good Guys so far as the Bible is concerned. And that whole “judge not” thing? Fail!

    So even if they are believers (and with many of them I have my doubts since political power seems to be their real interest) I don’t understand how they get from that to being the prickish control-hungry assholes they are.

  • WillBFair

    @Jeffree: That creep doesn’t love Jesus. If he did, he’d be defending the oppressed, including us, and serving the poor. Fundies have been ignoring scripture for centuries while claiming to be the chosen few. Please. Even their name is a lie. The real fundamentals of scripture are the nonstop demands for fairness and mercy in the gospels and the prophets, demands these bullies have always ignored.

  • prohomo

    @lemon-lime: Why, it comes from your bible,no? And you Kayla?

  • Shannon1981

    Wow, talk about dangerous delusions…this man needs help.

  • Robby

    I can’t wait for him to come out as a child molester in a week and a half…give it time ladies, give it time.

  • Ryan

    Yes, because abuse ONLY occurs in lesbian relationships and because promiscuity ONLY happens in gay relationships. This guy obviously isn’t thinking that these things happens to straight couples too, if not more often. Yes, men and women are different, but that doesn’t mean that if a marries a woman, they are going to stay together indefinitely. I wish this guy would just stop being such a bigot.

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