Foley All Up On Kelly Clarkson

This oh-so-unsettling picture accompanies a New York Times article on how Mark Foley ain’t nothing but a low-down liar.

Taken at a Washington Grammy’s party, Foley looks more deranged than ever. His eyes are all glazed and that smirk stinks of misdeed. Given the look on Kelly Clarkson‘s face, we imagine he’s just stuck his finger in her ass. If that’s the case, we feel bad for the girl. Still she’s got to know that if she were a boy, it would have been much, much worse. Meanwhile, Louis Gossett Jr. looks like he’s trying to ignore the entire thing, just like Dennis Hasturd.

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  • kizmet

    Ew poor Kelly.

    Why does she have Clay’s hairstyle? I think they may be his earrings as well.

  • Lano

    Doesn’t that photo looks extremely photoshopped? Look at the outline around Foley’s head…

  • Ann

    That is not photoshopped. That’s from Grammys On The Hill, a gala dinner Kelly Clarkson a guest of honor at to help support the legal downloading of music.

  • Carly

    You are just as disgusting as this Foley guy, jack.

    Poor Kell does looked a little freaked out. Would have been better if she stood next to Randy.

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