Foley Bringing Down Friends

It’s not often that we feel bad for Republicans, but we have to admit we’re sort of sad to hear that Mark Foley’s fag-hag, Deborah Pryce of Ohio (pictured), has suffered in the polls since the scandal erupted.

The New York Times reports:

Ms. Pryce always thought she would have a difficult re-election campaign this year in a state raked by Republican scandals. But since Mr. Foley quit, she said in an interview on a tense day of campaigning here, her own internal polls have measured a steady drop in support under the weight of attacks by Mary Jo Kilroy, her Democratic opponent.

Among those attacks are radio spots on Christian radio stations questioning whether or not Pryce had any role in the Congressional cover-up.

We know politics is an ugly game, but going after someone simply because they’re friends with someone seems a little childish. Regardless of whether or not Kilroy’s going a bit low, the fact that Pryce’s support for Foley has visibily damaged her numbers certainly indicates where things in this country are headed: up.