Foley To Fess Up?

Sounds disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley has had some time to think since checking himself into rehab last month. If you don’t recall (or have been in a coma), Foley whisked himself off to get help for his alleged alchohol problem after some troubling emails between him and former Congressional pages came to the surface of the swamp-land known as Washington.

While Foley’s announcement that he liked boys surprised some, and the next one that he adored the hooch shocked his colleagues (many of whom have publicly questioned his so-called addiction) his next bombshell may have been the biggest yet: he had been molested by a clergyman.

What? A drunken homo Congressman was molested by a man of the cloth?

Disturbing, yes, but not least of all to the Archdioscese of Miami, under whom Foley practiced when a lad. In the days following the big news, the Archdioscese asked Foley to name his abuser. Foley, in the dry heaves of withdrawal, no doubt, remained mum.

Now, as the House Ethics Committee investigation heats up in Washington and GOPers are outed by the second, Foley’s decided to name the boy-loving priest. The Palm Beach Post reports: “At a news conference Tuesday, Foley’s civil attorney, Gerald Richman, said Foley has decided to identify the priest, who is still living.”

Goodness gracious, this is more sordid/contrived than Dynasty.