Football Hunk Scott Fujita Records Marriage Equality PSA

It’s sweet when people like Joan Rivers or Margaret Cho record a public-service announcement for HRC’s Americans for Marriage Equality campaign. But when Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita does it, we get all tingly (and a little wet).

As the brawny baller explains, “I’ve been married for twelve years and I know that it is unfair to keep other loving and committed couples from getting married and protecting their families.”

Thanks, Scott. If the Browns make the Super Bowl, we promise to watch. Oh who are we kidding? Madonna is doing the half-time show—we’re gonna watch regardless!

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  • JAW

    OUTSTANDING… Great to have straight allies… and a well respected sports figure really helps.

  • Ronbo

    There is a lot of good out there. Thanks!

  • Steven

    Really apreciaite it. Been with my partner 27 years and would reallyn like to have the privilegesbthat come with marriage. Appreciate your support.

  • Kevin

    The Browns are 4-8. You’ll be waiting a long time to see them in the Super Bowl…

  • CBRad

    Hot neck on that lug.

  • bagooka

    Wow awesome!

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Steven: My hubby and I will be celebrating 26 years in the few weeks. While living in NYC, we traveled to Cape Cod and were married 3 years ago.

    Luckily NY then recognized our marriage and the benefits were quite substantial — I got spousal health insurance though I am HIV+ (30 years or so), family plan rates on other insurance, joint ownership of autos, etc.

    Not knowing where you live, I cannot comment whether you would gain any benefits; and certainly, whatever you gain is not equal with male/female marriages.

    NONETHELESS, every gay man and lesbian CAN marry: you can travel to any of the 6 states or DC and marry.

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