Footballer Ejected From Game For Calling Opponent “Gay”

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.57.20 PMA Norwegian player was given a red card during a recent match for calling an opponent “gay” in a derogatory manner.

Baerum SK’s Simen Juklerod was sent packing for the offense, which until recently wouldn’t have even raised as much as an eyebrow.

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Head of referees Terje Hauge said using the word “in an insulting or offensive manner” would lead to a sending off.

Juklerod reportedly looked stunned when he saw the red card appear, but the action sends a clear message that in 2015 and onward, homophobic insults are not to be tolerated on the field.

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“There was a second I was not thinking, and said the second word (gay), yes,” said Juklerod. “Of course it’s completely lame. But I still think that’s not a red card.”

“It is something that’s been discussed several times after an incident a couple of years ago when a yellow card was given in a similar situation,” said Hague, who has refereed at Champions League and World Cup level.

“We’ve told our referees that if they hear it clearly and there is no doubt about what’s been said then it should be punished with a red card.”