For Gay Men, Cutting Off Your Foreskin Still Not As Good As Condoms To Keep The HIV At Bay

As the on-going scientific battle over whether circumcision actually inhibits HIV transmission rages on (it does! it doesn’t!), here’s the newest entry from the world of science, via Retuers: “While circumcision has been shown to lower a man’s risk of contracting HIV through heterosexual sex, a new study indicates that the value of circumcision for gay and bisexual men remains questionable. In a study of more than 1,800 men from the U.S. and Peru, researchers found that overall, the risk of contracting HIV over 18 months did not significantly differ between circumcised and uncircumcised men. Over the study period, 5 percent of the 1,365 uncircumcised men became HIV-positive, as did 4 percent of the 457 circumcised men, according to findings published in the journal AIDS.”

Pair that with a study back in March, also reported by Retuers, that compared other Western MSM against African MSW and found similarly unimpressive results: snipping the foreskin just doesn’t do much for The Gays.