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For Her Big Return, Janet Jackson Returns to Her Entire Past

Did Janet Jackson blend all of her previous music videos — “Rhythm Nation,” “Scream,” And “Love Will Never Do,” just to name a few — to create the latest media marketing message for “Make Me”?

Janet is planning a big return. Not as big as, say, Whitney Houston’s, but Janet has some work of her own to do. Her last tour, titled Rock Witchu, was canceled and died without rescheduling. Her last albums have been commercial and talent failures. And while plenty of singers say their music is therapy, launching a career return while some think you should still be mourning your brother’s death is Mission: Critical.

But coming back is what Janet does, which is why she’ll open Sunday’s American Music Awards, the same broadcast that Whitney will also pop in for. And that’s why we’re ready to applaud any effort from Janet. Well, almost.

UPDATE: The full video arrives.