For Killing His German Lover, This 21-Year-Old Chinese Man Will Be Put to Death

Sometimes, the “gay panic” defense doesn’t work. Like in the case of an unnamed 21-year-old Chinese man who was just sentenced to death by officials there, after a conviction in the murder of his 68-year-old German partner: “The Chinese man, a native from the southwestern Sichuan Province and a staff of a Zhongshan hotel, had gay sex with the German man in the latter’s rented apartment in the city since January last year. Both men’s names were not revealed. The Chinese man later broke up with his German partner, alleging he was not fond of gay sex, the court heard. He returned to live in the rented apartment on July 11 last year after his partner promised not to harass him sexually. But he was nevertheless harassed by the German man the next day despite repeated warnings. The young man then hit the German man in the left temple with a hammer and killed him, the court heard. He dismembered the body three days later and scattered the body parts different places of the city. He was detained by police in his company dormitory on July 23 last year. It was not clear whether the Chinese man would lodge an appeal.” [China Daily]

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