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For Loving Heterosexual Marriage So Much, How Come Maggie Gallagher Keeps Hiding Her Husband?

Awesome person Fred Karger, of Californians Against Hate, wrote NOM chief Maggie Gallagher an open letter, which is a reasonable thing to do, since NOM has been subpoenaing Karger over stupid crap to make his life hell, in an attempt to shut down his criticism, which isn’t working. Among the questions Karger asks Gallagher: For being so pro-marriage, are you even married?

“No one has ever seen your husband,” writers Karger. “You attend countless marriage events, chock full of married couples, celebrating marriage, yet you always, always show up alone. I had the displeasure of attending your recent presentation at the CATO Institute in Washington, DC. I was amazed to see that you don’t wear a wedding ring. No rings on any fingers. Where is your alleged husband? Why no ring?”

Great questions! So far, no great answers!

It was in August that Maggie’s husband even arrived on our radar. Or rather, his absence did. Because at Rhode Island’s “Celebrate Marriage & Family Day,” Maggie took the mic to address the crowd, and pointed out how her husband of 17 years couldn’t be there. But it appears, her husband can’t be anywhere. We’ve never seen him, and trust, we’ve looked.

His name is Raman Srivastav, and among the Internet rumors about him is the one claiming he’s “a tournament bridge player who spends as much time as possible traveling away from home to play with his male partner.” Heh.