For The Record, Ellen DeGeneres Does Not Think It’ll Be ‘Weird’ For Portia To Dance With A Lady

A clip that went around The Medias had Ellen DeGeneres calling same-sex dancing “weird.” But it was just bad editing!

Chatting with Kelly Osbourne about wife Portia being approached to be on the show to be America’s first same-sex coupling (you’ll recall Israel’s version has already covered that territory), Ellen said any controversy about a same-sex pairing is weird.

Which means the only known gay who thinks gay dancing is weird is, well, Lance Bass.

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  • jason

    I am getting rather fed up with Ellen and Portia. Ellen traded on the “lesbians are hot” notion at the expense of gay men. Portia is another name for Amanda Rogers, a girl who grew up in Geelong, a town in Australia. Portia is now doing the rounds promoting herself in what I consider to be a case of no-talent in over-hype mode.

    Yes, Ellen, I agree with you that two women dancing together is not weird. You see it every Friday night in mainstream nightclubs. You see, Ellen, women are allowed to dance together. It’s we men who aren’t allowed to unless it’s a gay bar. See the double standard, Ellen?

    It’s women who have created the double standard, Ellen. Women like you.

  • heh

    jason you are so right!

    famous lesbian women are to blame for your marginalization! its a conspiracy!!!

    they need to get their asses off the tv and back in the closet where they belong
    gay men can dance together!!

    *has a sudden vision of david bowie and mic jagger dancin in the streets*

  • Jeffree

    @Jason: Usually you blame “sleazy straight men” (your favorite expression) or pseudo-bisexual women for “the double standard.” Now you’re blaming lesbians. That’s called flip-flopping and proves once again that you have zero idea what you’re babbling on about.

  • Soupy

    I’m sure that in Jason’s mind, bisexual women are responsible for 9/11.

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