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For the Record, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs “Is Not Homosexual”

The entertainment blog Sandra Rose had it on very good authority, or whatever, that two male music moguls enjoy getting their freak on together. Ms. Rose did not identify by name who these people are, but she posted a picture of Sean “Diddy” Combs atop the not-so-blind item. That got the rapper-producer-designer-foodie-vodka extraordinaire attorneys quite upset.

So goes the rumormongering:

Both men are very secretive about their personal lives and their tight inner circle consists of only family members and friends they have known and trusted for decades. Both of these men have children by various women and they share well-documented reputations for being lotharios. But, according to my source, they also share an affinity for men.

According to my source, the moguls get together for rough sex when their busy schedules allow. Mogul #2 isn’t interested in serious relationships with men, but mogul #1 is. “He’s had longterm relationships with men. That’s his thing,” said my source. “He likes to sit at home [with his boyfriend] and watch movies and hold hands, but [mogul #2] isn’t into that.” The source said that [Mogul #2] instructs his bodyguards to bring him men blindfolded. After sex with them, he cleans up and leaves. He doesn’t consider himself to be gay, and he uses sex with random men (in addition to the drugs and alcohol) as a means of “escaping his demons.”

So upset, Diddy’s counsel fired off this C&D, confirming once and for all that the pitchman for Ciroc vodka and a half dozen crappy MTV shows is a proud heterosexual man … who is the father of five kids from three women.

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Don’t celebrity attorneys know the fastest way to get a rumor solidified in the public consciousness is to acknowledge it, and threaten its perpetrators?

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