For This Married Chinese Woman, Suicide Was Easier Than Coming Out

A 23-year-old married woman in Eastern China attempted suicide, by swallowing pesticides, instead of telling her husband she was in love with her one-time female roommate. She married her husband four days after meeting him under pressure from her family. “Following her suicide [attempt], Qinqin’s parents checked their daughter’s cell phone messages and discovered her relationship with Lanlan. The two women exchanged text messages, discussing ways to kill themselves and promising each other that they would die together.” [Global Times]

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  • Robbie

    What a shame. Didn’t you guys do an article about how the chinese are more accepting of lesbian relationships than gay ones just recently? If that’s true than just imagine how hard it must be to be a gay man in China.

  • Andy


  • D.R.A.

    Horrible. I feel so awful for GLBT folk who live in violently homophobic countries. In the last 50 years, things have gotten significantly better for GLBT people in a few dozen countries, but to most of the world, we’re still sub-human. It’s very important for us to remember that.

    I wonder how long it’ll take for homophobia to be wiped out in South Africa, Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia. Hell, I wonder how long it’ll take for homophobia to be eradicated in the United States!

  • D.R.A.

    Oops – I made a little mistake in my above comment. That should read “Africa,” not “South Africa.” North Africa has (almost?) as much problems with gay, bisexual and transgender people as South Africa does.

  • Samwise

    That is so tragic.

  • blackjack44

    very tragic and sad they have to go thru that. I think the fact their names are doubles of the same words is pretty funny tho (qinqin and lanlan)

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