Spanish Judge Laura Alabau, who has thrice refused to marry queer couples despite the country’s 2005 same-sex go ahead, will soon be ordered to carry out gay marriages. Alabau claims she’s simply being used as a “vehicle of propaganda.” (PS: This case reminds us of British registrar Lillian Ladele, who sued for the right to opt out of gay nuptials based on religious reasons. She ended up losing.) [Euro Weekly News]

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  • M Shane

    If I was a judge who had to marry straight couples I’d get sick! You know just what’s going to happen afterwords
    I’d think It would be some variety at least to have gays who knows. You could probably jump into the wedding bed.

  • Tom

    Actually, the judge’s decision to refuse to marry gay couples is more egregious than the civil servant in England because the judge is a person trained in the law and it is her job to uphold and apply the law. She should be removed from the bench.

  • Maharajah

    While I agree with Tom in that he occupation pre-disposes her to uphold the law and constiution of her nation, I will go against the tide and say that on a moral level this should not be applauded by the gay community. In the end we are forcing someone to confront to our stadards – which is a prediciment that we should be all to familiar with. To be honest, wouldn’t a more accurate response to her would be to have her (or attempt to) have her impeached for not abiding by the responsabilities of her occupation?

    Another thing to consider – what gay couple would now want to go before her to marry? A marriage, or rather – a wedding is a sacred symbol of love between two souls. How many would like to have the officiating official hating the idea and understanding while preforming the ceremony?

  • Mike

    A lot of pastors, civil servants, etc. may not like the couple they marry, but they do it! We are not forcing her to conform to our way of thinking. We are forcing her to uphold the law which is her job. When it was okay to put people in jail because they were gay, trust me, she would have had no problem doing that job. We need to stop making excuses for these people.

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