Ford Drops GLAAD Media Awards

GLAAD once applauded Ford‘s commitment to supporting the gay community, but they’ve been mysteriously silent about the company’s dissociation from their media awards.

The car company had been slated to sponsor the March 26, event, but the American Family Association-sponsored website, One News Now reports that they’ve backed out. Not surprisingly, AFA founder Don Wildmon takes some of the credit:

…Wildmon says he believes Ford’s cancellation of its sponsorship of the Annual GLAAD Media Awards is another direct result of the boycott by AFA, other pro-family groups, and many Americans in response to the automaker’s institutional support of homosexual causes and ideology. AFA also announced last week that Ford would no longer support homosexual publications with advertising.

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  • G-A-Y

    Be careful about believing OneNewsNow‘s account of this (especially considering they are owned by the AFA). Wildmon is just trying to renew interest in his boycott. There is no proof that Ford was slated to sponsor the awards this year, and with the company’s financial woes, it’s reasonable to assume that the AFA has nothing to do with their abstention this year.

  • Zack Bratt

    Fnord’s problems come from a series of really poor business and marketing moves of historic proportions and have nothing to do with the AFA bullshit. Dropping the Taurus and the Escort model lines are just one example (what a mistake that was!!!). The slurping bubbling sound isn’t coming from Ford’s unsold cars, it’s from the AFA speaking with their collective heads up their 0wn asses.

    Like Briney, Ford’s problem stems from not having good gays behind their marketing and image. This latest move to pull out of Glaad will further distance Ford from the good gays they need to revive their sagging image. It is just another of Ford’s bonehead ideas that will backfire in the end.

  • WWH

    We drive nicer cars than Fords sad sack line up, anyway. Who cares?

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