Ignores American Anti-Gay Activists

Ford Gets Gay In Australia

Ford Motor Company may have buckled to America’s anti-gay activists, but the corporation’s revving their gay-friendly engine down under.

…Ford Motor Co.’s Australian arm is airing a commercial that includes two same-sex couples–a pair of men and their dogs, and a female couple with one pregnant.

The campaign for Ford Focus and Fiesta, titled “Everyone’s Journey Is Different,” from JWT, features diversity and first shows the car quickly changing colors…The spot began running over the summer in Sydney and Australia.

Sinead McAlary, manager of public affairs for Ford Australia, says the ad is “designed to appeal to the wide variety of consumers who are now driving smaller cars in Australia.” She notes that small cars are now the most popular segment there and “we needed to find a different way to cut through to the consumers who were now looking at these vehicles as real alternatives to large cars.

The advert isn’t a social statement–it was simply important that we reflected the world in which our consumers live.”

Truth in advertising? How foreign!