Ford Isn’t Backing Down From Gay Advertising


If the Five Hundred didn’t give you cause to look into purchasing a Ford, perhaps the automaker’s pro-gay policy will. Unlike Macy’s, Ford is willing to stand up to the conservative right-wing, answering the American Family Association‘s call for a boycott of the company for its inroads in gay advertising with a simple explanation: “We buy advertising to put Ford’s message in front of as many customers as possible.”

That statement came in an email from Ford’s vice president Al Giombetti, who has no plans to pull ad dollars from gay media. Meanwhile, the Ford Motor Company Fund will continue funding Detroit-area gay pride evens, because “[i]t has a community agenda, not a political one, and it supports causes and people from all walks of life.”

Never before have we felt so comfortable – and willing – to simply look like a fat checkbook to an American corporation.

Ford defends gay advertising [Pink News]

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