Fordham’s Ethics Gab Fest

It wouldn’t be a day without a little Mark Foley scandal follow-up, right?

As we’re sure you’re well aware, Kirk Fordham (pictured), Foley’s former chief of staff, went before the House Ethics Committee yesterday to maintain that he found out about Foley’s misconduct with Congressional pages back in 2003. Upon his discover, Fordham says, he took the issue to Scott Palmer, Speaker Dennis “Hasturd” Hastert’s chief of staff, in hopes of quelling the matter.

The Washington Post

Fordham has said that he turned to Hastert’s chief of staff, Scott Palmer, in 2003 in hopes of persuading Foley to stop showing so much interest in teenage pages, who work for a semester or two on Capitol Hill. Fordham has said Palmer later assured him that he had met privately with Foley and had informed Hastert (R-Ill.) of the situation.

Palmer, meanwhile, insists that Fordham’s account is riddled with flaws, particularly the timing of events. Hastert claims not to have heard of the matter until 2005.

For today’s exciting installment of what could prove to be a disastrous scandal for the GOP, Representative John M. Skimkus, chairman of the Page Board. Get excited!

(Oh, and yes, we agree with Sam Oyed’s comment: Fordham does sort of look like wanna-be-child killer John Mark Carr. Coincidence? Probably.)