Forecast Cloudy For Weatherman Found In Hot Tub With Naked Dead Guy

After an allegedly kinky and drug-fueled Sunday night, weatherman Brett Cummins of Little Rock, Arkansas’s KARK-TV was discovered asleep in an empty hot tub—next to a dead man wearing nothing but a dog collar.  According to The Arkansas Democrat & Gazette, Chris Barbour—who said he’d been drinking and doing drugs with both Cummins and the victim, 24-year-old Dexter Williams—found Cummins snoring in the unfilled whirlpool. When the meterologist, 33, woke up and saw Williams was unconscious and blue, he screamed, ran out of the bathroom, vomited on the living room carpet and left the premises. (He returned to talk to police.)

Though detectives discovered a small ring of blood around the bottom of the tub, they’re waiting for the coroner’s report to determine the cause of death. Cummins, who has not appeared on the air this week, is not currently considered a suspect.

We don’t know if Cummins is gay—though, let’s face it, gay weathermen aren’t exactly a rarity—but the comments section in the Gazette piece is filled with some lovely speculation on the matter.