Forecast Cloudy For Weatherman Found In Hot Tub With Naked Dead Guy

After an allegedly kinky and drug-fueled Sunday night, weatherman Brett Cummins of Little Rock, Arkansas’s KARK-TV was discovered asleep in an empty hot tub—next to a dead man wearing nothing but a dog collar.  According to The Arkansas Democrat & Gazette, Chris Barbour—who said he’d been drinking and doing drugs with both Cummins and the victim, 24-year-old Dexter Williams—found Cummins snoring in the unfilled whirlpool. When the meterologist, 33, woke up and saw Williams was unconscious and blue, he screamed, ran out of the bathroom, vomited on the living room carpet and left the premises. (He returned to talk to police.)

Though detectives discovered a small ring of blood around the bottom of the tub, they’re waiting for the coroner’s report to determine the cause of death. Cummins, who has not appeared on the air this week, is not currently considered a suspect.

We don’t know if Cummins is gay—though, let’s face it, gay weathermen aren’t exactly a rarity—but the comments section in the Gazette piece is filled with some lovely speculation on the matter.

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  • gray

    KARK-TV?!? LOL that is proof enough that he’s gay!

  • I won't grow up

    Oh puleeze!!!
    This closet case brings this twinkie over to his friend’s house to party. Things get out of hand and a little kinky, its two against one, and oops the twinkie ends up dead. So one of them drains the tub, and Mr. Local Weather Man goes home to take a “silkwood shower” and then returns to the scene of the “accident”. I have nothing but sympathy for the poor boys family. But if the police can’t figure this one out…..I give up.
    Okay boys you’re now free to trash me any way you choose.

  • Ray

    The guy who owned the house is named Barbour. The big old republican governor of Mississippi is Haley Barbour. Arkansas and Mississippi are next door neighbors. Someone should look into whether they are related or not.

  • Dallas David

    Sounds like the start of another Dave Brandstetter mystery novel . . .

  • chpinnlr

    @scallywag: The dog collar was a Choke chain that Dexter wore as a fashion statement, there is no indication that there was anything kinkier than possibly a 3 way going on

  • randy

    @scallywag: Please — those who hate gays will hate us no matter how vanilla the sex is. Plenty of heteros use kink as well, so I don’t find a simple dog collar outside the mainstream.

    But seriously — do you really think that every person who uses a dog collar is thinking, “gosh, what if my partner should die unexpectedly during sex tonight, and how will straight people view this, and it sets back gay rights another generation?”

  • Allen D.

    @scallywag: So monogamous gays who fuck in a friend’s hot tub can’t use dog collars? I’m so confused on the “official” rules.

  • DavyJones

    @I won’t grow up: Well I am certainly glad that with all of a dozen paragraphs of information (assuming you at-least read the linked article) you have been able to determine the exact circumstances of Mr. William’s death.

    I personally don’t see why they don’t just do away with the whole criminal justice system and replace it with psychics like you; the world would be much simpler, to say nothing of safer…

  • milhouse

    I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation for all of this.

  • Thomas Maguire

    All this story needs is a midget to make it interesting.

  • Tom

    So I guess no Weekend at Bernie’s shenanigans.

  • Robert in NYC

    I wonder if he’s a Log Cabiner or GOProuder, lol?

  • Fitz

    Think of it as a pre-Folsom party! Have fun all you dogs, pigs, slaves, and subs. The humans in the room will keep fighting for equal rights while you keep fighting for the right to be laughed at.

  • JoeyB

    Is he friends with Anderson Cooper?

  • dvlaries

    Let’s hope Brett was already out to his parents. Wouldn’t this be a hell of way to first get the news?

  • Gay Veteran

    Why are people making light of someone’s death. Disgusting.

  • Fitz

    @Gay Veteran: It wasn’t a person. It was some kind of ugly dog. And it’s sad when a dog dies, but not a tragedy.

  • DavyJones

    @Fitz: You are certainly a sad little person…

  • chpinnlr

    I live in Little rock and Brett is openly gay, not a closet case. It seem from all of the rumors and inuendo that are swirling about that the victim was a habitual drug user, and Brett and the home owner we’re “recreational drug users”. The dog collar was a Choke chain that Dexter wore as a fashion statement, there is no indication that there was anything kinkier than possibly a 3 way going on. It appears that the victim died from a reaction to, or overdose of, the drugs that they we’re snorting, possibly oxycontin or xanax. The home owner fell asleep on the couch and Dexter apparently passed out in the tub with Brett who let the water out ironicly so he wouldn’t drown! It is a tragedy that this happened, and while Bretts intial panic was unfortunate it is understandable considering the backward views many Arkansas have about homsexuals. While i know it’s easy to be judgemental, it was my inital reaction also, these are real people. Two of whose lives have been possibly ruined, and one cut tragically short because of some poor judgement.

  • goo

    @scallywag: I think you are overreacting a little. I’m a heterosexual female who has never thought gay folks were odd in any way. People are born the way they’re born and should be accepted regardless of how they are. There are straight people who do a lot “weirder” things than wear a collar. Sure there will likely be ignorant straight people throwing around the usual derogatory terms about gays, but they’d be doing that even without this situation happening.

    If it was an accidental death, I hope the weatherman is able to return to work. But with a scandal like that, I’d be surprised if the tv station lets him back in. Isn’t Arkansas one of those more conservative states overall?

    I’ll admit I lol’d at the midget comment.

    As for why a heterosexual female is reading this forum, I googled for cummins and the word gay to see if he was gay and found this thread. He’s a nice looking chap, and in my opinion waaaay too many nice looking men are gay. /sigh

  • Seaguy

    He’s cute and can forecast my weather any day!

  • Bob

    Just a couPle of gay guys playing fetch and do the doggie disgusting

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