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Forget Anderson Cooper. Get Wolf Blitzer To Change His Hair Color

In a marketing stunt that’s already paying off, Go Away Gray makers Rise-N-Shine are offering Anderson Cooper a million bucks if he uses their pill product, which has dubious claims, and keeps the gray (or rather, white) away for five years. It’s one of those obvious free publicity ploys that get stuffed into reporters’ inboxes, and for whatever reason this one went far and wide. (We get lots of teeth whitening press releases with offers for Kim Kardashian.) But Anderson isn’t even the best candidate for this product, since he looks good with gray hair. There are plenty of other pigment-free men who would be better served.

They are, in no particular order:

• Bill Maher
• Wolf Blitzer
• Tyne Daly
• Jon Stewart
Barack Obama

And besides, if Anderson is going to market any pill, it should be one of those products pushed on late-night television that promise to “enhance” your manhood. After all, The Coop is a guy who keeps up with this.

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