Forget Apples To Apples—It’s Time To Play Faggles To Faggles

If you’ve played Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity (and shame on you if you haven’t),you know how addictive those games can be: Players simply match topics with nouns they think either A. accurately describe the category or B. sound funny.

For example, the question might be: “When the public found out the President’s college roommate was ____, it cost him the election.” And answers printed on cards could range from  “a communist” to “a horny legion of Roman soldiers.”

There’s no real losers, and you can often discover horrible new facets of your closest friends’ personalities.

Well, now us gays are getting in on the act: Bryan Ewsichek and Dan Miller are launching a Kicktarter for Faggles to Faggles, their own version of the card game with a queer slant.

By popular demand, we’re printing a second edition of Faggles to Faggles. After our first batch, we’ve gotten inquiries from across the country asking us to do another run.  Our goal is much bigger this time—spread the word!If you’re gay, gay-friendly or just generally amoral, you’ll love Faggles to Faggles—an outrageous, queered-up party game for you to enjoy with the girls. In this game of judging (hey, it’s what gays do best), each card is more outrageous than the next.

Here’s the deal: grab three friends or more and then draw a card with an adjective on it. The rest of the players, who hold cards with nouns on them, must play the card they think you would choose for that adjective. So, if you drew the card “racist” would you pick “the French,” “Miss Piggy” or “rainbows?” Each card has a unique, hilarious definition that will keep you in stitches time and time again.

A small investment of fifty bucks will get you hours and hours and hours and hours of entertainment. Believe us, we’ve played this game with dozens of people for hundreds of hours and it never gets old.

Dan and Bryan’s goal is to raise $10,000 to mass-produce at least 200 copies of the game. They’ll take donations of any amount, but kick in $50 or more and you get your own Faggles to Faggles set.
Hey, Christmas is only eight months away!

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  • yaoming

    I don’t get it – the name or the game.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @yaoming: “Faggles” cuz we’re faggots. Get it?

  • LandStander

    “In this game of judging (hey, it’s what gays do best)”

    I will not buy it simply for that line right there.

  • ncman

    another reason not to buy it is because they insist on referring to gay men as “the girls”.

  • ryguy86

    The example that this Queerty writer used must be explaining Cards against humanity because I play Apples to Apples several times a month and that is not apples to apples.

    That being said…this is the laziest attempt of making a game I could possibly imagine. These gays basically took apples to apples and put the game on rainbow cards. Thats is all…And they want $50 for it?!?!?!? This fucking bitch will go to Barnes & Nobles and just grab the apples to apples game plus two expansion packs and hit up Happy hour at chilis for $50.


    Exactly. Seems to be perpetuating stereotypes, even if just to be funny / make a few bucks.

  • boring

    Apples to Apples is great, except for your friends being shitty in their attempts at being edgy with their answers.

    Cards Against Humanity is horrible because it’s like your shitty friends attempting to be edgy with their answers, only EVERY answer is that answer.

    Faggles to Faggles, well, go fuck yourself.

  • ait10101

    “When the public found out the President’s college roommate was ____, it cost him the election.”

    an alien lizard

  • Elloreigh

    Terrible name for a ripoff of a fun game. I suppose some of the ‘girls’ living in the ‘gayborhood’ and obsessed with ‘gay culture’ will love this and shell out the $50.

    Speaking for myself alone, as a guy who doesn’t live in the gay culture echo chamber, refuses to call myself by a slur meant to demean me, or to refer to myself with feminine terms, I find this offensive on several levels. But I leave it to other people to think and judge for themselves. I certainly won’t be buying it.

  • stfallon1028

    This looks like a wonderful game for me to play the next time I’m drunk and alone in my living room with the lights out.

  • timelord89

    Sure after I spent 10 hours making a custom deck for our LGBTQQIAP student lounge’s Cards Against Humanity game. Considering our city’s minimum wage is $10.55 I could’ve bought 2 decks. But I am sure everyone will enjoy placing down answers like:
    “Mitt Romney’s Sagging Testicles”
    “Larry Craig tap dancing in an airport bathroom.”
    “Andrea Gibson”
    “Audre Lourde”
    “A gloryhole”


    “When the public found out the President’s college roommate was ____, it cost him the election.”

    I mean it only cost me ten hours because I thought it was a great idea to send an open survey link telling everyone that I would make every suggestion a card. Unfortunately half of them were common member names followed by a body part or parents. We have 12 Brians, 15 Kates/Catherines, 5 Ryans, 12 Matts, 17 Chris-s, 7 Megans, and 12 Michaels.

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