Forget Harvey Milk Day—WeHo Passes Go-Go Appreciation Day!

Who said politics has to be boring? Last week, the West Hollywood City Council passed item 5.B, also known as Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day.

On October 29, as a lead in to the infamous West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, the city will shut down Larrabee Street between Santa Monica Blvd and the alley north of the Boulevard so that gyrating hunks (and honeys, as go-go girls are being feted, too) can shake their moneymakers on the street and in participating bars like Micky’s and Eleven.

Mayor John Duran told the AP:

“West Hollywood has been toned down to be family friendly. That’s not what we are… I was concerned there seemed to be a sanitizing of the city. This is the sort of campy, tongue-in-cheek thing we’re known for.”

Honestly, this would never fly in the Big Apple. Not because New York is too uptight, but because if you tried standing outside in nothing but a thong in late October, you’d catch pneumonia and frostbite. Brrr!


Image via Splash Bar