Forget Jenny Craig—Lose Weight With Homophobia!

Franchesca Leigh Ramsey is back with another urgent broadcast: It turns out homophobia is good for your waistline!

All those haters promising to boycott Kraft Foods because Oreo released a cute Pride message on its Facebook page are also going to have to give up a lot of other high-calorie treats Americans just love, like Cadbury’s chocolate, Chips Ahoy, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Oscar-Mayer hot dogs, Teddy Grahams and and Cheez Whiz.

Cut those out of your diet and the pounds will just melt away.

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  • LOL!

    She’s cute! :D

  • Kev C

    Humans are motivated by their eyeballs. An attractive person can be serial killer and still be popular. A bright colored cookie is more controversial than the entire gay movement.

  • Scribe37

    What a smart and sexy woman! I thank her for the support.

  • Good News

    I love her, I hope more people catch on to her videos. She deserves her own show.


    @Good News: thumbs up.


  • Franchesca

    @Good News: Thank you! Actually in the process of writing/pitching 2 shows. So fingers crossed. Thanks again, knowing I have your support means a lot :)

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