Forget RuPaul’s Drag U: Christeene Is The Filthy Future Of Drag

Forget Project Runway, Drag U and Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The next big drag star will be Christeene, an unwashed broke-ass Atlanta hoochie who drops filthy rhymes about “Bustin’ Brown” and “African mayonnaise.” She’s the drag persona of Austin-based performer Paul Soileau and she’s bringing whiskey, buttsex and celebu-trauma to a queer bar near you. (NOTE: Video very NSFW.)

The last two years had taken a big dump on Paul Soileau’s dreams. He had moved to New Orleans with hopes of collaborating with other artists and filmmakers, but then Hurricane Katrina destroyed his home and he fled to Atlanta to perform in Piedmont Park with other refugees while waiting for FEMA to cough up emergency funds. He eventually landed in Austin working at a drive-thru coffeeshop where he entertained his co-workers by singing filthy rap lyrics like “I’ll let you chew on my crab cakes; to hell with the first date, just slide me the beef steak.” But deep down Soileau felt a residual trauma and anger boiling inside of him.

His drag career hadn’t gotten off the ground and a recent P-town talent performance in his seasoned drag persona, the unsinkable old-monied Rebecca Havemeyer, had fallen flat with the rowdy crowd. Rebecca usually had an entire show to ingratiate herself to the audience with song spoofs like “Your Son Will Come Out Tomorrow” and “You Give Me Beaver.” But Paul needed an act that was quick, destructive and fun — something to leave his audience speechless in less than five-minutes.

So he threw on a mangy wig from the trunk of his car, a waist-length hooker coat, shit heels, smeared some lipstick across his gold tooth, slipped on a pair of shades and entered Austin’s Camp Camp — a queer open mic show. He walked up incognito among his own friends and proceeded to have the filthiest sex he could with the microphone stand while occasionally moaning to a Pizzicato 5 song. After the song ended, he disappeared into the night leaving the horrified audience to wonder what the fuck they had just seen.

That night, Christeene was born.

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  • spider_orchid

    No ma’am. NO. MA’AM.

  • Ogre Magi

    Ok, every thing about that was GROSS

  • Pedro Barbosa


  • Ugh.

    “…in all her brutal, unwashed glory Christeene represents actual genderqueers roaming America’s streets…”

    Does she, though? Does this classist, sexist, transphobic, vaguely racist caricature ACTUALLY represent ME?

    No, she doesn’t.

    And I would like it greatly if you wouldn’t tell the whole queer world that this is the case.


  • vinnyc

    Seriously!!!! Does being drag has to be so revolting? Its nt funny, saying its Vulgar is an understatement.U R Just not talented that’s all. Sorree ..christeene- Hate to say it but you make a ugly Gurl and Uglier man and the guys dancing around SHOULD NOT take their clothes off .I feel like crying…

  • Thomas

    I’ve known paul for decades, and he is smarter than you. and more evolved. Just dig deeper – you’ll get it, baby.

  • adman

    Ugh, before this thread fills up completely with faggots who hate drag, and yet claim to be adapted in any way to the realities of being gay, I just want to say this: You couldn’t fix your dick or anyone else’s on your best day, so take your well scrubbed consumer brains and offer them up to the most degrading person you can find, since that’s your future anyway.

  • Brandon H

    It’s nice that it is something different, but yeah, its kinda crossed into nasty (eww nasty, not oooh that’s hot nasty). I couldn’t watch the whole video.

    I like that her backup dancers were average Joe types though, with body hair and and not perfectly sculpted.

  • Mike L.


    Um yeah, lol.

    I thought the songs was super vulgar, as was the singer.

    I know I’ll get bashed by some of you but I watched it a second time on mute and just enjoyed watching the hairy guy with the pink panties LOL, if he groomed above his neck it would be an improvement lol.

  • donkeytrot69

    Oooh! Y’all acting like a bunch of pooseys and whiny bitches up in here. Christeene is just a comedy act. That’s all. You can’t even make it through a single rap video because the vulgarity makes you wanna clutch your pearls? LOL. Shit is dumb.

    Grow up, buy a new pair of panties and expose yourself to something different. Christeene’s work that makes you uncomfortable and angry? Good. You can write it off as trash, but that’s called a challenge, that is called growth.

    I think its cool that we got this creative guy who’s making original art. I ain’t seen or heard nothing like it beyond Yo Majesty. Paul’s shit is a hell of a lot better than the boring crap that’s peddled to us through LOGO and Bravo. I’m curious about Christeene, Most drag queens just lipsync and do community benefits. CHristeene is throwing dirty sex back in people’s faces and having fun with it.

    So she doesn’t represent all impoverished genderqueers or whatever. BFD. I know for a fact that she represents some of us. And if you all whack that we need a new rep for such people, become one yourself.

    Peace and love, y’all.

  • Jimmy Fury

    omg it’s like Peaches had John Water’s illegitimate dumpster-abandoned crack baby.

    I love it.

  • donkeytrot69

    @Ogre Magi: Depends on your definition, but 55,979 views of your monkey wank video and 63 Facebook repostings of this article ain’t nothing to sniff at.

  • Kev C

    Maybe she wants people to laugh AT her but I think it’s kinda sad.

  • Geoff M

    Repulsive….but hey, do your thing gurl.

  • alex

    She’s definitely representing how this queer right here feels every now and then.

  • Ugh.

    “…Christeene is just a comedy act.”

    I don’t think sexism, racism, classism and transphobia are funny.

    I am all for filth, I am all for raunch. I am all for fucking the system in anti-consumer, anti-homonormative ways.

    But this shit? This shit isn’t my kind of filthy. It’s just offensive, and I am tired of being told that I just don’t get the joke. That isn’t it–the joke isn’t funny.

  • anonymous

    It was only yesterday I was wondering what happened to those queens who used to stroll the Meat Packing District in NYC. I guess they all went back home and made Youtube.com videos.

    This is too low to be considered trailer park trash.

  • donkeytrot69

    @Ugh.: How is Christeen sexist, racist, or transphobic? Because she’s not doing Shakespeare, dressing like Oprah, and giving cookies to old folks? Or because a white middle class man can’t pretend to be a street tramp?

    I get that people of color, womens, trans people, and the poor all need social justice and way better PR, but that don’t make them off limits for humor. You ain’t gotta laugh, but I can’t believe it has no value just cause it offends you.

    I ain’t never seen nothin like it and I gotta believe that if it gets folks talking and makes them aware of problems thats a good thing. What could Christeen do that you would find funny or give us an example of funny raunchy humor that passes your smell test. I’d love to know.

  • Ugh.


    Have you seen her perform in person? Or just the videos? I have seen her perform no less than ten times–I live in small queer community where she appears frequently–and I can safely say that I view this character as problematic.

    The affected accent, the mocking of “trannies,” the on stage references to class and gender…it’s not my bag. And I am not comfortable with the ways in which Christeene is being framed by queer media. I am also not comfortable with the reactions I have seen from people at her shows–laughing AT is much different than laughing WITH.

    Does this mean I think Paul is to blame?

    Not at all–he can’t control the reception of his characters, and I in now way think that he is trying to be sexist, classist, racist, transphobic…but when people only get one part of your ten part joke, don’t you think it’s time to reconsider?

    But what do I know? I don’t have a deal with Fleshjack.

  • Jon

    This is something I would expect to see on the Tim & Eric show.

  • Dollie

    I honestly cannot decide if I enjoyed that or not… I think “filthy” and “drag” can compliment beautifully (love Divine). But that… ??? Maybe I’ll have to keep tuning in and judge later videos.

  • j

    No one’s commented on how bad the music is. If it had the same lyrics and the music was good I’d love it. The music isn’t good though. An acid bassline from 89 and a cheap drum loop you found on the internet do not a dance track make. Also the synth in the middle (the only form of music relief) is poor, stands out in the mix awkwardly and yeah, this just sucks. He should get a good producer. Or do I just “not get it?” Reminds me of this http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Spaghettios

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    W… T… F…

  • Alyx

    I just attended Homoscope here in Austin, where Paul was in attendance and Christeene’s “Tears From My Pussy” was screened. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it received an uproarious response. I don’t know if I can stomach Havemeyer’s screening of “100 Days of Sodom,” but I hope there’s marmalade in the mousse.

  • gina

    This act is yet another example of gay male misogyny. To consider it any kind of a representative of the “transgender community” is transphobic. Funny… not one bit.

  • The PREZ

    Does any one think she kinda look like Ke$ha LOL!!!

  • riony

    Oh dear.. That really just happened.

    .. Hm.

  • Thunderpuss

    Freaking Loved It!

    So vulgar, so irreverent – pure deliciousness!

  • MAP

    I too was fascinated by it and I too am in love with this…thing.

    And I mean that “thing” in the best possible way.

  • riony

    Yeah. Watching for the 4th time.

    I can’t stop.

    Is something wrong with me?

  • Richard

    Is it wrong that I actually find the dancers hot?

  • Nick

    @donkeytrot69: You’re the only commenter who actually gets this. All of the other “This is trash, s/he doesn’t represent me and needs to GTFO” comments are nothing more than internalized homophobia.

  • MuscleBoy

    What is this shit? Shoot her and put US out of our misery. Fucking loser.

  • Gridlock

    AHAHAHAHA funniest shit I’ve seen all day! Dragelicte. Love it!

  • Derek Washington

    I’m not one to scream racism at every imagined slight. I think that disgusting Shirley Q is hella racist and have ended friendships with people who like her because it tells me a lot about you that you think “she’s just being funny”.

    I missed the racism here. In fact, I think she’s the first interesting act I’ve seen in drag in quite some time. To me this is just Nuevo John Waters/Divine. I liked it.

  • Mike

    lol! and he’s a she!!!

  • Mike L.

    LOL just realized that the surname Soileau, pronounced in french sounds just like “swallow” XD

  • Doubter

    @Derek Washington: @Derek Washington: SQL isn’t racist anymore than Eric McCormack from “Will and Grace” is a queer-hater. Both are entertainers.

    Besides if SQL is racist then the Wayans brothers poking fun at white people in “White Chicks” must be twice as racist in your opinion right? Personally, I don’t think SQL or the Wayans brothers are racist at all.

  • Derek Washington

    @Doubter: Sorry, I don’t see Shirley as “poking fun”. I just don’t and to be honest, you may have nailed me on a bit of a double standard. However, much like Pornography, I know it when I see it and Shirley reeks of racism, not satire, in my humble opinion.

    Anybody else want to weigh in on this one? Am I way off base about her?

  • John (CA)

    @Derek Washington: No, you’re not way off base.

    A lot of this is instinctive.

    It is based on observing the behavior of the people around the suspected racist as well. Whenever the usual suspects start circling the wagons and getting overly defensive for no reason, I get that tingling sensation. Three hour lectures on the evils of “political correctness” would not be necessary if there’s nothing going on.

  • Eminent Victorian

    I’m mesmerized by this video and by what I’ve seen of the Christeene character. Something about it crosses into art for me and makes this video more than the sum of its parts. I’d so much rather brave a Christeene show than ever have to see another terrible “California Gays” video ever again. The character is compelling and has something to say even if you are kind of grossed out. More power to Mr. Soileau!

  • chadyokum

    Paul is an amazing performer and a very gentle soul. He’s out to bend your mind, have fun with his creation and yeah, make your stomach turn. I love Christeene’s music, videos, and the reaction of people who happen to bump into her on the eastside streets of Austin. We all have a right to our oppinions, but to be mean about it says way more about you haters than it does Christeene or Paul. Keep up the creative work Paul. Christeene rocks and she has the fans to prove it.

  • jbran

    Jesus Christ, people, it’s TRANSGRESSIVE. I, for one, miss that in queer media/art/entertainment. I welcome some nasty uncomfortable weirdness.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Anal douche @ 3:24! ROFL!!!!!

  • Richard

    Watch her other stuff on funny or die. “Tears from my Pussy” will leave you rolling on the floor. It really is a masterpiece.

  • Motard

    I, for one, would pay to give this bitch a gig at the seemingly endless RuPaul franchise, or a spot in pageant dragdom.

    Lord knows I appreciate and love many of the particpants in said formats – but it’s amazing that a bunch of guys in dresses can be so conformist.

    I can go a whole ‘nuther lifetime without hearing another Mary J. or Gwen Stefani ‘sync.

    Acts that are unafraid to shock and awe are frankly relegated to the back of the bus, even amidst the ridiculous frontierland of drag. Peaches Christ. Vaginal Davis. Even after years and years, they’re still relatively invisible, even among the gay community to “nice” acts like Ru or Dana International.

    It’s like John Waters quip. Someone wrote “Hail Satan” on Divine’s gravestone. They probably just misspelled “satin”.

  • gina


    Motard is lumping together RuPaul and Dana International. This once again confirms my belief that a great number of gay men view trans women as nothing more than boring men in drag who are “scared” of being gay. Dana International is a mainstream pop singer who has a trans history… comparing her to drag queens says more about you than about her history.

  • gina


    This is blog piece I’ve written about Soileau and his character.

    Why is it that so much of what white gay men defend as “positively transgressive” involves some form of ridiculing trans people. Yes, that is fundamentally what his act is about… this is making a joke out of a trans woman sexworker of color who’s on crack (or sure acts that way). A white gay boy who went to Loyola having a big laugh about street people who are doing desperate acts to survive. Real pfunny.

  • TheWarholEffect

    Agreed on the Dana International and Rupaul lump. There are many issues re: education in the LGBQ communities in terms of not only words (semantics) but debated differences between various lineaments of the broader trans umbrella. Not sure how you got the idea that the previous commentator was implying that Dana International is a “boring man in drag scared of being gay” tho.

  • TheWarholEffect

    I find it distressing that the leap is being made by some commentators here thinking that Christeene is a kind of cultural blackface performance. Wondering where this theory comes from and how you back it up with evidence from Christeene’s persona and live show? Implied is the assumption that Paul is white (which seems to visually, i.e. phenotypically make sense?). Have we asked him? And that the referent points here are mined from black culture. And that a tour deal with Fleshjack is somehow unsavory (which in my humble opinion is just sex-nagativity rearing it’s nasty head).

    The Shirley Q. Liquour comparison is unthoughtful yet interesting. Unthoughtful because, as I mentioned before, the blackface reference is not even hinted at in Christeene’s performance. Interesting because in examining the kinds of discussion around Shirley Q. Liquor there may be some parallels to the ways in which cultural critics and commentators (hello all previous forty something commentators) rally to draw focus to sets of social and educational issues that deserve more attention from LGBTQIA communities. Does there need to be more consciousness-raising in regards to trans experiences and queer POC? Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes a million times yes.

    I think it’s much more interesting to compare with someone such as Vaginal Creme Davis, who has been regarded for her “terrorist drag” (thx Jose Estaban Munoz!) At least in other interviews there seems to be a kind of identification and disidentification (not in the strict Munoz use of the term) between performer and character here. There is love and kindness for the character and a lot of sex positivity in performance that may not come across in the videos.

    Ex. at a performance in SF this past year Christeene danced to an upbeat instrumental song while plugged up with a jelly buttplug with a dozen or so helium balloons attached to its base. At song’s end Christeene took out the buttplug and let it fly up and out, over a nearby church. The message, is one of sexual liberation and play (with a hidden critique for traditionally sex-negative institutions such as the Christian church).

    It is a dangerous drag no doubt – facilitating a host of ambivalent feelings tied inevitably to how we define ourselves and others – but I’d rather have that kind of drag, than one which is altogether formulaic. I’d rather have assumptions challenged – which is what a Christeene show provides for me – than be entertained. No one, it seems, leaves a Christeene show apathetic.

    Or even, this comment thread.

  • Shannon

    This is disgusting and I loved every second of it.

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