Forget the Grammys, Here’s 7 Queer Indie Bands You Should Be Listening To

The Grammys are coming up on Sunday, and though America’s most prestigious music honors will see gay faves (Adele, Lady Gaga, Pink), bisexuals (Nicki Minaj) and even those who brag about kissing a girl (Katy Perry) vie for awards, it’s probably the least gay of the EGOT  (Emmy, Tony, Oscar, Grammy) series.

So here I’m going give some much-deserved attention to bands and solo acts that will probably never get any recognition by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. But they deserve to be recognized by you. Make some room on your iPod for Jonsi (above) and other all-too-often overlooked queer acts.

Click through for the lowdown of some of today’s hottest queer indie musicians

Photos: Mercury Records, Parlophone


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  • divkid

    dan avery: “But their cover of Young Marble Giants’ “Credit in a Straight World” (above) holds a very special place in my heart”

    i’m sure you meant to say: their cover of HOLE’s “credit in the straight world” [your shame compounded because they had a queer element!]

    loved kele’s tenderoni. inexplicably it didn’t do shit here in the uk charts, despite decent airplay.

  • divkid

    i’m a fucking idiot. you were correct.

    i will NEVER doubt you again.

    i am ritually disembowelling myself with my samurai sword even as i write this, such is my shame.

  • John C

    I thought Diamond Rings wasn’t gay, just gay-friendly?

  • Kate Bushwhacked

    When was this article written? Sigur Rós isn’t on hiatus anymore, they have a new album coming out this spring and they’re touring the whole year.

  • bop2pop

    This is a pretty good diverse list, however, I would add Ladyhawke (I would have added Goldfrapp too, but they are too well-known).

    My Delirium:

    She has just released her new single, , which is an homage to my favorite camptastic horror film, The Eyes of Laura Mars. I have both the video and the video it is inspired for comparison on my website:

  • Jack

    Queerty “grammar” strikes again. The headline should read “Here are . . . bands” not “Here’s . . . bands”

  • Tom

    What about Beirut!? His last record was amazing, and he’s one of my favorite gay artists.

  • DenverBarbie

    Patrick Wolf- I live! I actually quite like Lupercalia, perhaps the most of his albums (maybe it’s just nice to hear him happy?). “The Future” and “The City” are my picks off of that release. “Teignmouth” is an older favorite worth checking out, as is every track off of The Bachelor- the lack of cohesion makes for one hell of a ride.

    Will be checking out more Perfume Genius, Hunx, and Ssion. Thanks, Queerty!

  • jason

    Why aren’t these bands being appreciated by the Grammys? Yet, the Grammys has no hesitation in giving awards to homophobic black thugs and their vile rap lyrics. Remember that Buju Banton nomination recently?

    Oh, and let’s not forget the awards the Grammys people have given to people like Eminem, a man who frequently used anti-gay slurs.

  • Astro

    Diamond Rings was so awful when he opened for Robyn. The crowd totally wasnt feel him, and he even said during his set “don’t worry everyone, only 35 minutes till Robyn comes on” i felt a bit bad for him, but he was awful

  • Pissedoffhomo

    he isn’t queer…..he just appropriates queer culture and style.


    Your list of “Queer” bands is only gay men.

    Gossip, Tegan and Sara, The Cliks, Justin Vivian Bond…

  • Ben

    No mention of The Magnetic Fields? For shame.

  • divkid

    beth ditto making fart noises under various folds and crevices would appear to me nonetheless as sonic cathedrals of ethereal majesty, such is my love for that woman.

  • Aaron

    What about Xiu Xiu and Parenthetical Girls!?

  • John C

    There’s also the Jane Austen Argument- an Aussie duo who tour regularly with Amanda Palmer/The Dresden Dolls, and who had lyrics written for them by Neil Gaiman:

  • Lazycrockett

    Nice to see queer music get some attention on this mostly boring gossipy site. Good selection of artist, but I hope hunx has properly credit the new order riff.

  • Doi

    Credit In The Straight World was originally done by Young Marble Giants. Not Hole.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    I think we’re in a sort of LGBT music renaissance right now with lots of amazing bands with openly gay members. A few more to check out:
    Jessie J
    God-Des & She
    Fagget Fairys
    Lady Sovereign
    Sleepy Vikings

    Serious Business’ fun song Hot Damn is in my rotation often these days.

  • divkid

    @Doi: hence comment no. 3.
    please don’t prolong my humiliation. :)

  • DenverBarbie

    @divkid: Don’t be too embarrassed, sugar! Something tells me they were digging on Hole when they recorded the cover. I swear up and down that I heard a couple of Hole references on other tracks.

  • Shannon1981

    @divkid: awwww don’t beat yourself up, babe

  • divkid

    @DenverBarbie: @Shannon1981:
    mwah, mwah! your both sweeties, and that was…music to *my* ears!

  • Shannon1981

    @divkid: thanks,and its my pleasure, and so good to have you around again.

    and click my name, that’s the new blog(not the one you came to bring me back on) in case you leave again/get busy and we can email. Queerty really needs a messaging system of some sort..

  • scott

    Secret Rivals

    Are a new band from Oxford who im really getting into the more listen x

    also Gossip and Bloc Party spring to mind

  • Alex

    As a result of this article, I “ran over” to Amazon and bought both “The Boxer” by Kele and “Lupercalia” by Patrick Wolf…on VINYL!

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