Forgotten Broadway: Five Tony-Winning Showstoppers You’ve Probably Never Seen

“But Alive” from Applause (1970)

Based on All About Eve, Applause won the 1970 Tony for Best Musical—largely in part to a roof-raising performance by Tony-winner Lauren Bacall as Margo Channing. Diehards have long obsessed over the 1974 television version, which brought back several members of the original cast, including Bacall and Penny Fuller, who played Eve. This exuberant showstopper follows Margo, Eve and Margo’s swishy assistant from her dressing room to a groovy gay bar down in wild Greenwich Village. The result is kitschy, yet sublime. Director/choreographer Ron Field won a Tony for his work, here recreated for the TV version.

Gay Pride Month Bonus: Unscramble the flashing neon letters along the back wall of the bar for a subliminally queer message.