Full moon fever

Former “7th Heaven” star just can’t stop flashing the Internet

Once is an anomaly.

Twice, a coincidence.

So what does that make thirteen?

If you answered — “A pattern. As in, former 7th Heaven star George Stults (Kevin Kinkirk) displays a pattern of flashing his cakes on Instagram” — well by golly, you’d be right.

While the actor still finds time to perform in various television shows, it’s clear his favorite lens is the one on his phone, and his favorite direction: cheeky.

Not once, twice, three, four, five, or even six times. Not seven, eight, nine, or ten times.

Not eleven. And certainly not twelve.

But thirteen times. That’s the magic number.

A magic number we fully expect to continue to rise.

Scroll down for more from the 42-year-old actor’s Instagram, or follow the magic links to the cakes in question:

How amazing is my @catapparel vest?! #nextlevellookincutefeelincute

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Whatcha thinkin about my lovers? #humpdayatthepark

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A s there we have it my lovers! #evidencesaysitall #tittieout

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