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Former actor Scott Baio’s attempt to own libs with photo of rearranged mugs in craft store backfires

Former actor and major Trump supporter Scott Baio caused a small stir on Twitter yesterday when he tried to upset liberals by posting a photo from inside a craft store.

Baio, who is perhaps best known for appearing on the sit-com Happy Days about 40 years ago, tweeted a picture of a ceramic mug display inside a Michael’s craft store. The mugs were rearranged to spell out the words “Trump is still your president.”

Donald Trump himself took notice of the photo and retweeted it, along with the caption, “Thank you Scott, and stay tuned. You are terrific!”

The rest of Twitter, however, wasn’t so impressed…

After being dragged for the photo and for being an out-of-work actor with waaaaay too much time on his hands, Baio fired off another tweet claiming that it wasn’t actually him who arranged the display or took the picture. Someone, um, sent it to him…

To which, our only response is…

Meanwhile, Michael’s wants absolutely nothing to do with the altered endcap display.

A spokesperson for the company says, “At Michaels we strive to maintain an inclusive environment for all our team members and customers.”

The rep also confirmed that the display “was not created by Michaels and has been dismantled.”

Thank god it’s been taken down because we were feeling very triggered.

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