Former antigay congressman Aaron Schock spotted partying it up with gay actor

Aaron Schock, corruption, gay
(image via MSNBC screenshot)

Former Illinois GOP Congressman Aaron Schock has turned up (yet again) shirtless on a beach, this time partying with gay Israeli actor Eliad Cohen.

Cohen, whose work as a party promoter overshadows his work as an actor and in reality TV, founded Gay-ville, Israel’s LGBTQ vacation rental service. Now 31, he came out as gay at age 20. He also founded the PAPA Party, a touring circuit party that originated at Tel Aviv Pride.

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Schock, of course, made a career in politics out of demonizing LGBTQ people. He opposed the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy which banned LGBTQ people from serving in the armed forces and opposed hate crime legislation. He left Congress in disgrace, facing charges of misappropriation of funds and tax evasion for spending campaign funds on personal expenses.

Schock has denied he is gay since 2009, though since leaving government in 2015, numerous video and photographs (including nudes) have shown him tipping male strippers, posing shirtless with gay Instagrammers, sticking his hand down the pants of a man at Coachella, and turning up at gay circuit parties and other venues. His turning up alongside circuit party promoter Cohen fits that pattern.