Former assistant claims Todrick Hall threatened to out his HIV status and “destroy” his career

Tommy Italiano, Todrick Hall

Hot on the heels of his loss on Celebrity Big Brother and fans raking him for his behavior on the show, singer Todrick Hall is now accused of even more bad behavior.

A former assistant is has accused Hall of abuse, claiming the singer threatened to out his HIV status.

Tommy Italiano worked as Hall’s assistant in 2017 during the filming of the documentary Behind the Curtain. In an interview with the podcast The Zen Blonde, he opened up about years of exploitation and psychological abuse by the singer.

“It’s been a tumultuous relationship from the beginning,” Italiano recalled. “Workwise and personally. He is someone that’s very manipulative.”

“I was able to look past some of the things he was doing because he really made me believe I was part of his family. He would call me his brother. His mom would tell me I was like a son. So I really became invested in him as a person and as an artist.”

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That investment caused Italiano to stay in his job longer than he might have otherwise, despite an increasingly toxic environment.

Over the course of the interview, the former assistant recalled instances of Hall exploiting fans for free labor, refusing to pay employees, and cyberbullying a former dancer.

Things turned really toxic when Italiano came to the defense of the former dancer, Tom White, on social media. A furious Hall called Italiano with a dire threat.

“In this instance, [Hall] called me and I demanded an apology,” Italiano said. “And I said, ‘Todrick I really want you to take ownership for the things you did to me and I’m not gonna say anything. I just want an apology.'”

“He refused and he tried to turn it on me and say that I was problematic and I had all these issues. And then, basically, I said, ‘Okay, well, this is why I want to tell people now because you can’t even own it up.’ I wasn’t even gonna say anything. You call me. Like I had no contact with him. We were not speaking.”

Now, here comes the real shocker.

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“Then in the middle of the conversation,” Italiano continued, “he started threatening me and says, ‘Well, if you say anything about me, I’m going to go on my YouTube channel and I’m going to say that you have HIV and that you have unprotected sex with people and you don’t tell them and I’m going to destroy your reputation. I’m going to destroy your career, and this will be the last time you ever work again.'”

Italiano further claimed that Hall contacted Italiano’s mother, who was not aware of his status, and outed him as HIV-positive to her.

The claims by Tommy Italiano are just the latest and most egregious in mounting accounts of bad behavior by Todrick Hall. Other former employees have shared similar claims of harassment and abuse by the singer, as well as charged that he didn’t pay his employees on time, or at all.

Hall’s recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother has also prompted a Twitter movement tagged #TodrickExposedParty in which viewers of the show document his duplicitous manipulation. The movement has also prompted several other former associates to come forward with charges of exploitation.

Queerty reached out to Hall for comment but did not hear back.