Former Australian Footballer Comes Out After Long, Dark Stint In The Closet

Beaton (left) with his partner Marcin (right)
Beaton (left) with his partner Marcin (right)

“No one should ever feel like this,” reads the accompanying text as former footballer Lachlan Beaton shares his coming out story to promote the #EqualLove campaign to end marriage inequality in Australia. 

“For years I hated myself — I hated who I was,” he says in the emotional clip, describing how his internalized homophobia led to a decade of depression.

“My lowest point was in my mid-20s. I would drink excessively because I wanted to escape. I would tell myself I wasn’t fit to be in this world,” he continues.

“I would over-compensate and try to be more manly and blokey.”

“I would use fake names to meet people. I would lie to all of my friends in terms of what I was doing and where I was. I would be angry and lose my temper very easily — sometimes I would damage property. ”

He finally came out to his friends and family at 27 years old, and though he feared the worst, found acceptance.

Watch below: