Former B2K Boybander Raz-B Joins Celebrity Skin Ranks


B2K, if you don’t recall, was an early 2000s R&B boyband that split in 2004. Its only real success story was Omarion, who went on to a pretty successful solo career complete with Grammy nomination and No. 1 album. Then came scathing allegations around Christmas 2007 from group member Raz-B, who claimed B2K’s creator Chris Stokes — the band’s own Lou Pearlman, if you will — molested him and his bandmates as children. Raz-B uploaded the inflammatory charges in a YouTube video, the LAPD was said to be investigating, and then all of a sudden Raz-B backtracked and said it was all untrue, and the story fizzled out. But Raz-B’s days in the spotlight aren’t over: He just joined the ranks of nearly forgotten celebrities showing too much skin on the Internet. (NSFW content follows.)

Warning: Links NSFW


Photos purportedly of Raz-B were uploaded to the adult social networking site Face shots. Penis shots. And the Pete Wentz-y torso-plus-penis shot. As the blog Tabloid Prodigy points out, it’s unlikely the real Raz-B uploaded photos of himself under the username “RazB,” nor would he include this veritable invitation to make his profile public: “Trying to be a little private on here, you may recognize on as RazB formaly of B2K if you like what you see slide me a message. Pls keep this private!” But based on the circumstantial evidence — essentially, this very much appears to be Raz-B — the identity is confirmed.

Which means the former boybanders is engaged in a Kim Kardashian-style public profile enhancement project, or he forwarded his photos to a vindictive gal.


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  • hardmannyc

    He’s either black or a dark-skinned Latino, and the guy’s torso in the photo is definitely Caucasian. am I missing something here?

  • OMG

    No man, it’s the lighting. Check the hair patterns, how his belly is shaped, and his belly button: they correspond with the picture where you can see his face and he’s holding a camera.

    I must say, black, hairy, in shape AND hung? Damn…now THAT’s hot!

  • Nick

    That’s definitely the same hot body.

  • Darth Paul

    Can we convince him to do morning goods?

  • cruiser

    @Darth Paul: I second that!

  • cruiser

    @OMG: Looks like you got yourself a four play(no pun intended)!

  • sparkle obama


    you’re retahded!

  • Phoenix (Plotting Anarchy From My Mom's Basement Lair)

    He has a bit of a pot belly when he’s sitting down. I think that must be another person or he was sucking in his gut.

  • Tim in SF

    The lesson here, kids: Don’t do nude shots standing next to the toilet paper.

    This is, of course, the corollary to the myspace rule:

  • Damon

    @Darth Paul:


    Wow. He has my favorite type of body. Black, stocky, muscle, hairy.

  • John

    how do you make the blue hand go away?

  • getreal

    @hardmannyc: But look how dark the penis is that is definitely a black guy.

  • name

    Best Wishes!,

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