Former Centerfold, Filmmaker Dirk Shafer Returns To Playgirl

Back in 1992, Dirk Shafer was crowned Playgirl‘s Man of the Year—and then stunned readers by coming out as a gay man. (My, how times have changed.) He recounted his experiences as a closeted sex symbol in the mockumentary Man of the Year, which he wrote, directed and starred in. He followed that film up with the circuit-party flick Circuit and other roles.

Now Queerty has gotten confirmation that Shafer, currently a Pilates instructor, is returning to the pages of Playgirl 20 years after his debut. “Dirk will appear in a 16-page centerfold spread. He was also interviewed by his friend, actress Lucy Lawless,” Playgirl editor Nicole Caldwell tells Queerty. The magazine will officially hit newsstands on September 4.

Below is a little teaser reel of Shafer, 49, from his earlier centerfold days, followed by a more recent interview. Personally we like his look more now, but to each their own.




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  • Daez

    HOT! He possibly looks better now than he did then. I really hope they do not try to change his image or airbrush him to much for the magazine.

  • Spike

    “Now Queerty has gotten confirmation that Shafer, currently a Pilates instructor, is returning to the pages of Playgirl 20 years after his debut.”

    Queerty Fail #936. Playgirl can only be seen in an online format, much like Queerty. Playgirl ceases hard copy publication August 2008. Must be the str8t girl posting again.

  • Roxorz

    He is hotter now! Wow 49!!??

  • jack jett

    What did he talk about in the video clip that is NOT talked about by celebrities 500 million fucking times a day. About their diet, Pilates, yogo, carbs and my fav…how their work out is so different than others.

    Seriously… me your dick. Has it aged? Gotten bigger? Smaller? Balls hangin lower?

    Dats all we care about Dirky Dick…..4 reals suga

  • Chris

    @Spike: Playgirl has been publishing printed special edition magazines since they stopped monthly publication, the most famous special edition being the Levi Johnston and Joey Kovar editions. It is entirely possible that Dirk Shaffer was booked for another special printing. So unless you have specific knowledge, you can’t make a blanket statement that it isn’t for print publication.

  • redcarpet

    He does look better now. The 90’s were….not kind to hot guys, especially the hair cuts.

    Pilates? Surprise, surprise, girl got her legs in the air all day long.

  • Lefty

    I think he looked great in the ’90s, but he does look amazing still.
    Can I have both? :D

  • Cam

    He came out, back then, that is great. One of the few times that kids in those days watching TV could see anything about anybody gay that wasn’t attacking them or painting them as freaks.

  • MiltonHarvey

    @Spike: Spike fail #289 : Playgirl is still publishing a print edition on a quarterly basis. 10 print issues have been published in the past 2 and a half years.

    Btw, you’re an idiot!

  • Jeff

    That “recent” interview was three years ago. I wonder what he looks like now, because looks can change a lot in a three year period in your late 40’s.

  • Spike

    @MiltonHarvey: And apparently you and all those tragic old women who had PG subscriptions are the only one buying quarterly hard copy issues, how 80’s! Tell me, is jacking off to a hard copy magazine more satisfying then a laptop screen? Just curious. Hope if makes you feel better calling me an idiot, I could say the same to you but, really, in doing so I would gain nothing.

  • Marc

    @Spike: online pages and I would suggest that using the word ceased instead of ceases is more appropriate. If you’re going to diss Queerty on their use of language, make sure to check your own first.

  • Hephaestion

    He’s definitely more handsome now than he was 20 years ago. He’s a great walking advertisement for his work and he seems like a very nice guy – as he did in “Man of the Year.”

  • MiltonHarvey

    @Spike: So I gather that just because some people don’t do things exactly the way you do them, they are to be scorned? You are obviously very young and narrow-minded. And yes, quite stupid. Yes, some of us do prefer magazines. Got a problem with that? I’ll look at naked men any way I want and in any format I want. And you don’t have a damn thing to say about that. Who are you to tell people how they should enjoy reading/watching things? You’re just a silly, stupid little boy. Grow up!

  • Dan Avery

    @Spike: From Playgirl editor Nicole Caldwell:

    “Dirk will appear in a 16-Page Centerfold spread. He was also interviewed by his friend actress Lucy Lawless for PLAYGIRL. The magazine will officially hit newsstands on September 4th”

  • Rudy

    He’s ok looking. Yeah, ok, I get it. He’s 50. I can tell he got his lips, his eyes, cheeks and maybe his nose done.

    Looked better then.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @Rudy: If he’s 50, then he’s a testament to how far plastic surgery has come.

  • Mcflyer54


    Not true. While “Playgirl” did temporarily suspend monthly publication around June 2008 in 2010 they resumed hardcopy publishing with “special” editions on an irregular basis. There has been a new issue of “Playgirl” on the newstand at least quarterly – and some have been very well done and worth the new inflated cover price.

  • Roger Howell

    Just wondering if anyone knows the original date/month that Schafer was featured in Playgirl. I am assuming it was sometime in 1992 as he was named Man of the Year for that year. I have a couple of sources that has old issues of Playgirl and wanted to see if I could get a copy to go with the upcoming issue.

  • Mcflyer54

    @Roger Howell: Actually the only issue in 1992 featuring Dirk Schafer was the Feburary 1992 “Man of the Year”. Previously Dirk only appeared in the “Special Holiday Issue 1990” released in Nov. 1990. There were two issues of Playgirl on the newstand during December 1990 – the regular monthly issue and the “Holiday” issue in which Dirk appeared. Used copies are frequently available on Amazon for around $10.

  • Roger

    I just bought the September 4 issue with Dirk and it is to die for!! Dirk is gorgeous and there are also some other fine men in the issue. Kudos to Playboy for another great issue.

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