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Former closet case Kevin Spacey’s house of cards just collapsed

House Of Cards

An arbitrator slapped actor Kevin Spacey with a $31 million fine this week as part of a settlement deal with the producers of his former Netflix series House of Cards.

The deal became public this week after Media Rights Capital, the production company behind House of Cards, filed a petition in Los Angeles County Court asking the court “to confirm the award in its favor and enter judgment against Spacey and his loan-out and producing companies.”

MRC launched an investigation into Spacey’s behavior beginning in 2017. The findings, compiled by MRC in October 2020, found Spacey “repeatedly breached his contractual obligations” on the show, rendering him responsible for millions lost by the company.

CNN further reports that the settlement comes after years of investigations following the Oscar-winning actor’s firing from House of Cards. In 2017, Spacey was accused of multiple instances of sexual misconduct on and off the set of the series; a final season of the show was produced without his involvement.

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In 2017, actor Anthony Rapp publicly accused Spacey of attempted rape; Rapp was 14 years old at the time. Though Spacey denied the allegations, MRC rewrote the final season of House of Cards to eliminate his character from the story. Spacey attributed the incident to “drunken behavior” and chose to come out as a gay man at the time in an attempt to deflect criticism.

Subsequent allegations of harassment against Spacey followed from a variety of sources, including one of the producers of House of Cards who accused him of sexual assault. While Spacey continues to deny any wrongdoing, in Hollywood he has become something of a pariah. Netflix also shelved a Spacey-led Gore Vidal biopic following the allegations against the actor, while Sony Pictures and director Ridley Scott cut Spacey’s role from the movie All The Money in the World, replacing him with actor Christopher Plummer.

At the time of this writing, Spacey has not commented publicly on the $31 million fine.