Former eBay CEO and Prop 8 Supporter Meg Whitman Bids on California Governor’s Office

44993372In a wide-ranging interview, her first since announcing her candidacy for Governor of California, former eBay exec and Prop. 8 backer Meg Whitman explained her gay rights stance– or lack thereof. She called her decision to support the gay marriage ban a “matter of personal conscience and my faith”, but she’s unlikely to please conservative Californians either as she says she supports civil unions and gay adoption.

The L.A. Times describes Whitman’s behavior in the interview as:

“The first-time Republican candidate’s demeanor vacillated between that of a confident, take-charge chief executive officer delivering a PowerPoint presentation to that of an ill-at-ease novice who has studied stacks of policy binders, but has yet to master the art of political maneuvering.”

The whole interview is worth a read, if only because it’s clear Whitman has not thought about many of the major issues affecting Californians and while she hasn’t said anything like, “I can see the Bay Bridge from my window!”, Whitman’s first foray into politics is steeped in naivete. Here are some of the best bits:

“I don’t know the answer to that question,” Whitman responded when asked her stand on school vouchers, a perennial issue of importance to the conservatives who dominate her party’s primary…

At the same time, however, Whitman said Tuesday that schools, hospitals and law enforcement agencies should be required to report undocumented immigrants to federal authorities. She later backtracked on schools, saying, “I want to think about that a little bit….

As an “extraordinarily busy” mother and traveling executive, she said, she “didn’t vote as often as I should, and it’s something I regret. And no good excuses for it. Wish I had. Should have”…

She said voters should repeal ballot measures that dedicated money solely to mental health and tobacco-related healthcare programs so that revenue could be diverted elsewhere.

She offered no specifics on programs she would cut.