Former Foe Barr Vows To Fight DOMA

The Libertarian Party wrapped up their largely ignored nomination process this weekend with former Republican Bob Barr taking the top spot. Barr beat out another party freshman, ex-Democrat Mike Gravel.

While most people don’t really care about the Libertarian ticket, gays will probably be interested to know that Barr, who helped craft and implement the Defense of Marriage Act, has apologized for the “mistake.”

And, what’s more, Barr vowed to work toward DOMA’s repeal, because it “clubs down the rights of law abiding citizens.”

Update: Barr also supports California’s gay marriage ruling, but reiterates his belief that the matter should be left to the states:

Regardless of whether one supports or opposes same sex marriage, the decision to recognize such unions or not ought to be a power each state exercises on its own, rather than imposition of a one-size-fits-all mandate by the federal government.