Former “Glee” Star’s Mother Pleas For Daughter To “Change” Her Sexuality

Lovely-Charice-charice-pempengco-15438013-520-580Former Glee star Charice Pempengco is back in the news this week, not for that amazing voice that captivated us in her primetime debut last year, but for her mother’s not-so-amazing voice spewing anti-gay hate about her newly out daughter.

In a television interview with Boy Abunda on The Buzz last week, Pempengco told the world that she was a lesbian and dating fellow singer Alyssa Quijano, who you may know from the X-Factor.

At a press conference this week, Pempengco’s mother, Racquel, claims her daughter would never have been born if she herself had not been “convinced” to be straight. Racquel told reporters that she “used to be a lesbian” until her own mother convinced her to start a family.

Racquel has pleaded with her daughter to also “change” her sexuality, enlisting the help of the girl’s grandmother, who said: “Have some sympathy for your mom.”

In response, Charice said “My lola knows how much I love her, and how much I love my family.”

‘Atta girl!