Former GOP Senator Trolls Conservative Blog, Likens Same-Sex Adoption To “Child Abuse”

448px-Senate_HeadshotThis week in People That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity, we bring you former Colorado Senator Dave Schultheis, who told thousands of readers on a blog site this week that same-sex couples adopting children is “perverted.”

He wasn’t just talking about any old same-sex couple, either. He was directly referring to Colorado’s first openly gay Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino and his partner’s recent adoption of one-year-old Lila Augusta, a little girl they’ve been fostering since last year.

The hateful trolling came via the comments section of Colorado Peak Politics, a Conservative blog that announced the news with many congratulations. “While we haven’t always agreed with Speaker Ferrandino’s policy positions, we agree that he’s got one cute kid,” the post read. “Congratulations to the family!”

Obviously enraged by the open-mindedness of his former colleagues, Schultheis posted the following comment:

“To deprive this little girl of a loving mother for the sake of self-gratification is perverted. I would place it in the category of deliberate child abuse.”

The comment has since been removed from the site, but luckily, Schultheis didn’t get away without a handful of scathing replies first. Conservatives taking other Conservatives to task over same-sex adoption? Now that’s progress!