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This former marine stole a truck to save Vegas victims, and just received this text from its owner

If there’s one silver lining to the despicable acts of terror that continuously erupt in America, it’s the heroic actions of individual people in times of crisis.

When humanity shows us its darkest side, its worst inclinations unleashed on society, everyday heroes emerge, instantly springing into action to selflessly address the needs of the many.

In the wake of the horrendous mass shooting in Las Vegas over the weekend, one of those people was 29-year-old former marine Taylor Winston, who found an empty truck with the keys left inside, and used it to transport dozens of wounded victims to the nearest hospital.

Now three days later, the truck’s owner has managed to reach Wintson, and his truck. The owner of the truck assumed it had been commandeered to help one wounded person reach safety. He had no idea that 30 victims relied on Winston, and the truck, that night.

He’s shared his text conversation with Winston, which you can find below:

In three trips, Winston managed to get 30 wounded people to the hospital.

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  • Gigi Gee

    I’m not crying. I’ve got sand in my eye.

  • Xzamilloh

    This is what humanity is all about. When reality hits the fan, do you think any of us care about religion, or race, or sexuality? Hell no!!! Do not let the internet or social media or social justice jade your views of who we are overall, social creatures that realize that being communities and united are far more beneficial than separating ourselves by race and class.

    • stevetalbert

      Is Taylor gay?? Why do you care about his sexuality?

    • Xzamilloh

      You’re replying to the wrong person, dude.

    • Texasholdem

      Yet some people are ok with firing trans troops who willingly risk their lives for others just like this cis man did.

  • BiCycleMike

    And I just gotta say … WOOF! (And yeah, I do believe that beauty comes from inside …)

    • ProfessorMoriarty

      Woof, indeed. This world could do with about a million more Taylors.

    • animatedgifman

      Agreed, Mike … What Taylor did was beyond awesome (and so is he both on the outside and the inside). But, someone really does need to teach him that stealing is ‘wrong’. I, for one, would be happy to volunteer to give him a (very) thorough ‘tongue lashing’, LOL …. >:-)>

  • Smith David

    God bless them both.

  • fur_hunter

    What an amazing man. He is what I call a ‘Truly Handsome Man’. This is a man who is not only handsome on the outside by on the inside as well. Kudos to him and the guy whose truck just happened to be available. Talk about Wheels of Fate. Yeah.

  • baal61

    This is what we’re are here for’ words are fine’ guidance in troubled times’ but actions tell more of our worth. good works. Sending unconditional love.

  • Condor221

    Thank you Taylor. You make me proud to be an American with men like you having served in the Corps.

  • AndThenTheresMax

    Meanwhile Kim Kardashian’s big butt (and it’s not just big it’s huge) makes headlines over this. Or Melania’s choice in heels becomes front page news. However this doesn’t matter. Good on Queerty for printing stories like this.

    • stevetalbert

      Did Kim use her butt to transport people to the hospital?? Clear the way, gurney coming.

  • ShowMeGuy

    There are still people who leave the keys to a NICE truck in the truck in a major American city?

  • Raphael

    I don’t know how I feel about it… Despite the situation, I would be really angry, he literally stole the car… At least he (or the city) should return the car with a full tank and clean.

    • miserylovedme24

      Really? You’re truly that self-centered? Literally 30 people were helped to receive medical treatment and you’re worried about gas or the car being clean. Unreal.

    • jsmu

      How’s life in Irkutsk, ILYA? What a pathetic troll you are.

    • Raphael

      miserylovedme24 – Did I say something bad about them? Did I said that they shouldn’t be helped? I said that I would be angry if I had my car stolen. If the car was needed, so be it. But some people have to work really hard to buy a car, and work harder to maintain it later… They not even reached the owner after. They could, at least, leave the car were they found it… Like I said, so be it, but return the damn car, preferably clean and with some gas.

      jsmu – You don’t even deserve a reply.

    • stevetalbert

      At least the driver is alive. Get over your material hunger.

  • HMFan

    Taylor Winston for President.

  • jhon_siders

    Woof hope he let his body hair grow all the way out!! looks a bit manscaped in the shirtless pic !! ok is he one of us or str8 ??? Well at least its easy to clean go to the self serve car wash drop the tail gate and rinse we used to do that to our ambulance after a really messy run !!

  • ivanw222

    I totally commend him for his amazing actions, considering what he did, and all he saved I wouldn’t care if I found the truck a week later at the airport! But I’m wondering why his story is in Queerty, is he gay? Is that the connection? Great story, and a great guy, also a great truck owner who totally understood the situation.

  • stevetalbert

    Also, not to be a picky queen, but technically he did not steal the truck. He borrowed it. Or maybe commandered ii, if you want to go with the marine vibe. Hate the manscaping, but at least he doesnt have tattoos.

  • ProfessorMoriarty

    Handsome and a bona fide hero… what a great combination! And ohhhh, I have such a weakness for gingers with big noses.

    As for anyone questioning why this story is posted here, who cares? Frankly, I don’t want to know if he’s gay or not. It’s been a shi++y, horrible week, Taylor is a hottie, and this story really brightened my day. Thanks Queerty.

    • silveroracle

      He should be commended for his help to 30 people.
      Hope they all survived.

  • nitejonboy

    God bless him,and god bless the owner for being so understanding.

  • StupidBoy

    Before I climb on my soapbox, I just gotta say his nipples and his abs have a SEVERE lack of my tongue on them. ahem.

    Anyway, I find it “cute” (read: hypocritical, ironic, horrible) that the comments for this story on Faux News are all in awe of this man (I have no problem with him saving as many lives as possible) and calling him a hero and saluting him. HOWEVER, the same comments sections vilify the DACA people as “illegals” and “MUST BE DEPORTED NOW!” They chant over and over again “Illegal is illegal!!” with lots of exclamation points and reasons why the DACA kids need to be deported yesterday. They see no variance in the law for “wetbacks” and brown people, with a list of reasons why they should stay (including every state agency and social group, excepting the DOJ). I want to go on there myself and chat “Illegal is illegal!!” in the comment section, but it wouldn’t help this hero or convince any of the right-wingers that our DACA cousins need to remain here for the good of the, the good of the country, the good of the economy. Ok, I’m stepping down off my soapbox now…my lotion bottle is on the floor and I can’t reach it from here.

  • christianroth

    I’m really failing to see the point of some of the comments made here – OK I’m a Brit – BUT the point is the guy (yes he’s hot – no question) “Utilized” – i.e. borrowed a truck and helped 30 people to get to hospital – the truck wasn’t damaged and the owner was fine with it so the hot ex marine (regardless of his sexual preferences) is a feckin hero and respect to the truck owner for respecting and understanding what was right under the circumstances

  • Mykey

    Even if his shirtless picture is to get more clicks, why include it? Just generally stereotypes all gays as man hungry hoes!

  • silveroracle

    Kudos to the guy for saving 30 people.
    Yes…he’s hot as well.

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