Former Miss Kentucky And Miss America Finalist Djuan Trent Comes Out As Queer

Djuan-Trent-Ex-Miss-Kentucky-x480“Fueled” by a federal judge’s decision to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages in Kentucky, former Miss Kentucky 2010 Djuan Trent has come out as queer in a personal blog post.

“I struggled with the decision of whether or not it was necessary to ‘come out,'” she writes, but “over the past few years, we have seen many celebrities and public figures open up and take this step. And as a result of their actions, we have seen a surge of urgency, awareness and change, as well as a greater sense of community, and individuals building up the courage to share their personal journeys and coming out stories.”

Trent says she feared members of her family would reject her for coming out of the closet. On the contrary, she confirms she’s been “warmed with overwhelmingly positive and encouraging words” since. “Ideally, I would love to one day live in a society where coming out is no longer necessary because we don’t make assumptions about one another’s sexuality and homophobia is laid to rest.”

Trent, who was also a Miss America top 10 finalist in 2011, writes:

I applaud those who take that step in speaking up and speaking out, because in your doing so, you create a sense of awareness amongst your friends, family, and peers, letting them know that this hits a lot closer to home than they may have realized.  You create a sense of community, letting others know that they are not alone, and giving them the courage to also speak up and speak out.

Thank you for giving me the courage to change my “they” to “we”, “them” to “us”, and “their” to “our.”  You have given me the courage to speak up and speak out when I forget my “QUEER” stamp in the mornings. And I can only hope, that I might inspire someone else in that same way.

Congratulations queen!

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