Former Mr. Gay UK Turned Alleged Killer Admitted: “I’m Psychotic!”

Anthony Morley sounds a bit nutty.

The Britain-based chef, who also once held the coveted title of Mr. Gay UK (pictured), is currently standing trial for murdering 33-year old Damian Oldfield. Oldfield had been stabbed multiple times and had pieces of his flesh cut out. Those pieces were found seasoned on Morley’s cutting board. Ew.

Hoping to build their case against the allegedly insane Morley, 36, prosecutors yesterday called one of Morley’s former lovers, Shaun Wood, whose own experience with Morley played out like a nightmare. According to Wood, the men once got into a fight over some money Morley had borrowed. When Wood asked for it back, says Wood, Morley went a bit will.

In addition to calling him a “silly poof,” Morley allegedly went at Wood with a meat cleaver:

Mr Wood said: “He went to the kitchen and came back and sat down on the settee and five minutes later he leapt up and went for me with a meat cleaver, but fortunately he fell backwards so it didn’t get me, otherwise it would have done.”

The witness said Morley aimed the cleaver at his head.

Mr Wood continued: “I was obviously very scared but immediately afterwards he went upstairs to his bedroom and started smashing the bedroom up, shouting ‘I’m psychotic, I’m mad, get me a doctor’.”

Despite all this, Wood described Morley as a “caring” person and blamed their argument on booze.