Out Trumped?

Former NC Gov. Pat McCrory’s record was too antigay for him to get a job in the Trump administration

Well, this is embarrassing. It turns out former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory lost out on a position with the Department of Energy because Donald Trump found him too problematic.

Newly leaked documents detail problems in McCrory’s record which blocked him from gaining higher-level positions within the government. Chief among them: the former Governor’s signing of a bill that stripped cities of their LGBTQ protection ordinances, and that forced transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their assigned birth sex.

McCrory has a looooong anti-LGBTQ record (as does Trump and his VP Mike Pence), though in this case, the state experienced widespread backlash over the bill, and resulted in major industries boycotting the state. Ultimately, McCrory’s actions cost North Carolina thousands of badly needed jobs.

Trump apparently also faulted McCrory for once saying Trump needed his “mouth washed out with soap” after hearing the infamous “grab them by the p*ssy” tape. After losing reelection, McCrory also refused to concede the race to his opponent.

McCrory has attracted wide criticism over the years, especially for his anti-queer views. The former Governor has repeatedly denied any anti-LGBTQ bias, even while attacking the community for making him “unemployable.”

Despite playing the victim, he also plans to run for political office–either Senate or the Governorship–in 2020.

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