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Former NFL Player Charged With Beating Boyfriend Over Soy Sauce And Underwear

628x471So much for Super Bowl festivities for one former standout member of the San Francisco 49ers football team.

Kwame Harris, who played tackle for the 49ers and Oakland Raiders in five professional seasons, is charged with assaulting his former boyfriend, Dimitri Geier, at a restaurant in Menlo Park, CA, last August. San Mateo prosecutors say that the two once lived together as a couple but had gone through a breakup. Harris plead not guilty.

“Basically they’re having dinner together and they get into a verbal dispute and it gets violent from there,” county prosecutor Al Serrato told the San Francisco Chronicle on January 28. “One of them had poured soy sauce onto the rice and the verbal dispute had escalated.”

The story gets weirder from there. Serrato said that Harris, 30, a first round draft pick in 2003 out of Stanford University, accused Geier, 36, of stealing his underwear and then attempted to pull down his pants in full view of the restaurant crowd. When that failed, Harris pinned Geier against a wall and slugged him several times. Geier required surgery to recover.

The incident has become public now as part of a lawsuit seeking damages from Harris by Geier. Harris has been retired from football since 2008, and has never publicly commented on his sexual orientation.

Photo by San Mateo County Sheriff

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    Okay queerty, I wanted to know was he out before this incident? That would’ve been pertinent to the article, I believe. Also the boyfriend’s age? And no I shouldn’t have to click on links to find this basic info. Do your job properly.

    Love salt-and-pepper on a black guy, especially a younger one. Is he really only 30?

  • M


    What does him being out have to do with this article?

    Who gives a shit how old the boyfriend is?

  • Chris Bull

    I added the information you requested, relevant or not. As for his age, yes, do the math. Harris was drafted out of Stanford early, typical of standout football players who want to cash in on an NFL contract as early as possible. (First rounders like Harris are guaranteed millions.) As for his sexual orientation, it has apparently caught Bay Area football writers and gay activists by surprise. We’ll keep an eye out for more details. Thanks.


    @M: Ya don’t think the fact that he was closeted throughout hid whole career only to be spectacularly outed via condiment contretemps would’ve added a bit of colour the article? Especially in light of the Manti teo shitstorm and the need for players to come out?

    They chose to include perpetrators age (is that relevant?) ;but not the victims? And who gives a shit? i do, even if you’re contrarian know nothing ass doesn’t. I’ll bet any money the original article mentions his age. Wanna know why? It’s basic fucking journalism. So stand down, c-nt.


    @Chris Bull: Thank you for for the fiddle, You’ve earned my undying appreciation.

  • Fitz

    People who live in closets are always dangerous.

  • Fidelio

    You know, come to think of it, whenever some of my friends pour salt all over the bowl of chips and salsa without asking kinda makes me want to punch ’em in the throat, too.

  • Gilles

    @Fitz: not always, but the more they feel they have to prove their masculinity, the more violent they can be.

  • Brian

    Why does Kwame have to come out of the closet? So he can go back into another one called the “gay scene”??? Give me a break.

    Just because a man has a relationship with a man, it doesn’t mean he has to identify as gay. He might view his relationship with men as a tiny part of his life and, heck, he may not even confine his relationships to men. He may form genuine relationships with men AND women at different times in his life. He may also be of the view that his sex life is his business, not yours.

    A man who forms genuine sexual relationships with men and women at different times in his life is no more gay than he is straight. He is also no more straight than he is gay. Stop trying to own Kwame without knowing anything about his whole life.

    Of course, this should all be secondary to the alleged assault. If he’s guilty of the assault, he should pay the price. He shouldn’t be left off the hook.

  • Cam

    @Brian: said…””
    Just because a man has a relationship with a man, it doesn’t mean he has to identify as gay. He might view his relationship with men as a tiny part of his life and, heck, he may not even confine his relationships to men.”


    Yes, that is what all the bigots and EX-gay folks out there keep saying. “Gee, just because he has lived with the guy for 25 years slept with him and exchanged rings, adopted children, gotten officially married, and own everything jointly doesn’t mean they’re REALLY in a relationship!

  • Cam

    Oh, and also, about these two……

    What a couple of drama queens.

  • Tommy25

    To me whether he’s out or not before this isn’t really the issue. A lot of straight ex-football players beat up on their wives or girlfriends. Violence is never okay. I enjoy watching football, but what it does to a lot of the players is scary. A lot of them end up messed after it because of all the head trauma and also because they based their whole life around football and they aren’t qualified to do anything else. Those are the issues that need to be addressed not whether he’s gay, bisexual, out, not out etc.

  • viveutvivas

    Something I’ve never understood: Why do journalists find it necessary to state subjects’ ages? Age is not pertinent to about 99% of stories, so why include it? After all, journalists have, for the most part, stopped stating someone’s race when that is not pertinent to the story. As with stating race, the only possible reason for stating someone’s age is to manipulate the reader into feeling more or less empathy with the subject of the story, and that seems wrong.

  • the other Greg

    @viveutvivas: Especially now in the internet era, it makes sense to include people’s ages in a news story. This differentiates them from others with the same name. I bet if someone with your name is ever accused of a bizarre crime, you’ll probably appreciate the differentiation!

    Similarly, Death Row inmates tend to be identified in news stories with their middle names. I used to think this was strange – especially since their middle name seems to almost always be “WAYNE,” lol – but I’m guessing that law-abiding folks with similar names (minus the Wayne) appreciate this AP style practice.


    Oh Dear. And right before the Super Bowl! *CLUTCHES PEARLS*

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