Offensive Lineman

Former NFL Player Charged With Beating Boyfriend Over Soy Sauce And Underwear

628x471So much for Super Bowl festivities for one former standout member of the San Francisco 49ers football team.

Kwame Harris, who played tackle for the 49ers and Oakland Raiders in five professional seasons, is charged with assaulting his former boyfriend, Dimitri Geier, at a restaurant in Menlo Park, CA, last August. San Mateo prosecutors say that the two once lived together as a couple but had gone through a breakup. Harris plead not guilty.

“Basically they’re having dinner together and they get into a verbal dispute and it gets violent from there,” county prosecutor Al Serrato told the San Francisco Chronicle on January 28. “One of them had poured soy sauce onto the rice and the verbal dispute had escalated.”

The story gets weirder from there. Serrato said that Harris, 30, a first round draft pick in 2003 out of Stanford University, accused Geier, 36, of stealing his underwear and then attempted to pull down his pants in full view of the restaurant crowd. When that failed, Harris pinned Geier against a wall and slugged him several times. Geier required surgery to recover.

The incident has become public now as part of a lawsuit seeking damages from Harris by Geier. Harris has been retired from football since 2008, and has never publicly commented on his sexual orientation.

Photo by San Mateo County Sheriff