Former NFL QB Thinks Out Players Will Be A Nonissue In The Locker Room

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.35.15 AMDrew Bledsoe played in the NFL for the Patriots, Bills and Cowboys, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about the interpersonal dynamics of a pro football team.

When HuffPost Sports asked the former player how he thinks out draft hopeful Michael Sam’s team will react on and off the field, he basically shrugs it off and says it’ll be “fine.”

“In talking to guys that are playing now and guys that I played with, it’s a far bigger story in the media than it is with any of the guys that are playing.”

Bledsoe goes on to say:

“We live in the greatest country ever in the history of the world and it’s built on freedom. Right? Freedom of religion, freedom to believe and act how you want. And anybody that doesn’t respect people’s individual freedoms, those are the people I don’t have time for.”

Suck on that, tea party.

He also acknowledges that there have definitely been closeted NFL players, but “doesn’t know” if he’s ever played with any. We find that a little hard to believe…

If the reaction once Sam is drafted is anything like this Dublin soccer player’s adorable victory speech, we’ll know we’ve made some serious strides in America.