Former Pennsylvania ACLU Director Larry Frankel Found Dead in D.C. Park


Larry Frankel, the former executive director and legislative director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania who’s been missing since Wednesday, was found dead in a Washington park over the weekend, dressed in jogging clothes and said to have died of “natural causes.” He was 54. Last year, Frankel joined the national ACLU as its state legislative counsel and top lobbyist. In remembering Frankel, State Rep. Mark Cohen writes Frankel was “a proud gay man, he was militant on the issue of gay marriage, believing that it was far more important to keep the legal option of gay marriage by defeating a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage than to enact civil unions legislation, an uphill battle that some, including myself, thought was winnable. His views on gay marriage were somewhat vindicated when four New England states and the state of Iowa legalized gay marriage this year.”