Former President George H.W. Bush Attends Same-Sex Wedding As Witness. Does This Mean He’s Pro Marriage Equality?


Perhaps it’s the quietest endorsement of marriage equality in recent memory or more likely its just a show of support for two old friends, but former President George H.W. Bush was a witness at a same-sex wedding in Maine last weekend, reports Washington Post.

The photo shows the 41st president seated in a wheelchair signing a document. One bright red sock and the other bright blue — so WASPy — peek out beneath the cuffs of his blue slacks.

A rep for the Republican former president confirmed that Bush the Elder and his wife, former First Lady Barbara, attended the wedding as “private citizens attending a private ceremony for two friends” but suggests the Bushes weren’t making a political statement.

Those two friends have been identified as Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen, who co-won the general store in  Kennebunk, Maine, where the summer home of the 41st president is located. Same-sex marriage became legal in Maine last December.

Clement emailed WaPo from the couple’s honeymoon in London to she and Thorgalsen have known the Bushes for years and were thrilled they accepted the wedding invitation. Thinking about “how monumental this time is in our lives” and “how blessed we are to be in their lives,” they decided to ask them “to really personalize it for us” as witnesses.


Photo: Washington Post/Helen Thorgalsen and Bonnie Clement