Former Priest Exposes The Vatican’s High-Profile Underground Rentboy Ring

Latin-Stud-In-Leather-HarnessJust weeks after the Vatican’s not-so-secret gay hookup site was revealed, a 46-year-old former priest is claiming that garbage is just for chumps. The real deal, according to him, is the secret male prostitution ring currently putting out for nine senior officials of the Holy Roman Church.

Don Patrizio Poggi, who spent five years in prison on charges of pedophilia, says a former Carabinieri was responsible for scouting the boys outside a Roman gay bar called Twink. Aided by “a friend who ran a modeling agency,” the officer found Eastern European boys that were “starving and desperate” and duped them into fake “acting” and “modeling” gigs.

Once abducted, the boys were paid €150-€500 (~$200-$650) to perform sex acts on male priests in Holy sites across the capital. Though it hasn’t been released, Poggi also claims he has photo and video proof to provide as evidence (which we’re hoping is not just a link to Bel Ami’s porn site).

As expected, the claims have been rejected by the Vatican, which believes Poggi’s allegations are purely vengeful.

“The cardinal expresses his full confidence in the magistracy and declares himself full convinced that this slander will be demolished, demonstrating Poggi’s claims to be untrue,” said Vatican Cardinal Agostino Vallini. “God will hold everyone accountable for their deeds.”

BRB, getting ready for Twink tonight.