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Former WWE wrestler comes out as trans: “This is me. Unashamed, unabashedly me.”


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Former WWE superstar Gabbi Tuft has just come out to the world as a transgender woman.

Tuft took to Instagram to spread the word in a dramatic “then and now” post.

“The ball dropped early today as this is now worldwide news,” she wrote. “This is me. Unashamed, unabashedly me. This is the side of me that has hidden in the shadows, afraid and fearful of what the world would think; afraid of what my family, friends, and followers would say or do.”

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“I am no longer afraid and I am no longer fearful. I can now say with confidence, that I love myself for WHO I am,” she continued. “The previous eight months have been some of the darkest of my entire life. The emotional turmoil of being transgender and having to face the world has almost ended me on multiple occasions. However, the day I stopped caring about what other people thought, was the day I truly became limitless and allowed my authentic self to come into the light.”

Tuft goes on to thank her wife and family for their support, and assured fans that she’s the same person she was when she entered the wrestling ring in 2010.

Tuft also granted an interview to the TV magazine Extra in which she discussed her hope that she could become a beacon of light to others.

“With everything that I’m going through and have been through, and knowing how stressful it can be–and like I say, there have been some dark nights–I promise that I will share my story,” Tufts told anchor Billy Bush. “Knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel can be the ray of hope that keeps someone with us.