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Foster’s Beer Asks: Does Rubbing Sunscreen On Another Dude Make Me Gay?

Running a tip line from their beach shack, Foster’s advice gurus Brad and Dan answer an urgent question from a caller: Can I rub sunscreen lotion on my mate’s back without being labeled a queer? (Well, that last part of the question is implied.) The answer? Sure, but: no double coatings, and absolutely no rubbing is allowed if your mate is wearing budgie smugglers. Yes, your first inclination is right — this is homophobic. Literally. BY THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD “HOMOPHOBIC.” The man calling up Foster’s masculinity experts is afraid of The Gay so much that he can’t even protect his buddy from the sun’s harmful rays without worrying he might look all faggy. Your options are: 1) Call Foster’s and complain about the ad; 2) Boycott Foster’s, but that would require you actually drinking that nasty shit in the first place. Fosters, Australian For Queer.

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