Foster’s Insists: ‘Budgie Smugglers’ Sunscreen Commercial Was Satirizing Homophobia, Not Endorsing It

Like many of you argued, the Foster’s ad that featured campy advice experts Brad and Dan fielding a question from a man concerned rubbing suntan lotion on his friend would make him look gay, the beer company also insists the spot was a play on homophobia, and not homophobic itself. Homophobia, Foster’s says in a statement, “would be totally unacceptable and it has no place in our business. … The humour in our ad is derived from a particular set of circumstances where our character seeks advice from Brad & Dan – it plays on his perception of the awkwardness of the situation; and to the Aussie ‘no worries’ attitude to life. … Humour has the power to unite, and occasionally to divide opinion – but we sincerely hope that the vast majority of viewers will accept our best intentions to make a funny and well meaning commercial.” Does intent matter? Absolutely. And while I stand by my conclusion that the ad, on the surface, is the very definition of homophobia, I’ll join hands with any company that pokes fun at bigotry.